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The Poor Mouse

+22    Once you have flown, you do not want to stop How you can soar? Simply touch the screens to overcome complex challenges and make decisions quick. Don't be deceived by its simple look.. It's difficult and addictive Share your score with your friends and ...    13 MB    Views 7435
score pumpkins
+16    The hungry troll runs around trying to get all the pumpkins. The more pumpkins you can keep away from him, the higher the score. "Entertaining game for fun." Anjelica H. Can you get the highest score? Download Now    7 MB    Views 9912
+17    Help the player get the football while trying not to get knocked down. Collect the most balls for the highest score. "Fun game to play to pass the time." Peyton M. Who among your friends can score the most points? ...    15 MB    Views 4399

Wizard Arch Pro

score wizard
-2    If magic is what can make this beautiful and intelligent Archer, with his gifts, his accurate look and its extraordinary pulse. If you put your arrow trophy placed upon the head of the wizard you will get very good score. Otherwise, your ...    36 MB    Views 4894


+14    1 game for leisure time Fantastic pixel graphic Special gaming rule Terrific experience Get amazing score by your talent Hold your finger on the screen and control to fire to defense your HQ Simple rule but lots of fun. Share ...    29 MB    Views 1350


-1    Now Now is an easy to pick up game with infuriating addictiveness. There really is no upper limit to the score If only it was that simple. Do you have the nerves and fast reflex actions to pull off your highest score yet? Download ...    10 MB    Views 3062


+19    very simple and colourful taponeverythingthatismovingonyourscreen skill game. it seems to be quite easy at the beginning but it's not... good multitouch expertise and lighting fast fingers required to get the best score Update: now you can publish your score and immediately ...    2 MB    Views 3493

Lumberjack Santa

+22    There are trees blocking Santa's way to his workshop He needs your help to chop down the tree whilst dodging the branches so that he can deliver the presents to all of the kids in time for Christmas Upload your ...    5 MB    Views 1187

Cube Crusher

-2    Dodge triangles and collect cubes in this arcade adventure. Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score. Build combos by breaking things quickly and watch your score skyrocket    29 MB    Views 1607

Astro Shootout

-3    Dodge or shoot, enemy ships and asteroids to gain as high a score as possible. Compare your score to other players using the game center. Follow us on Twitter: aDamcogames and Like us on Facebook    28 MB    Views 7020


+21    Balloony for your iPhone Tap the sides of the screen to control the balloon. Avoid hitting the clouds to increase your score. Collect the G coins to add 3 additional points to your score    3 MB    Views 5493

Amazing Pong

-2    Free DOWNLOAD TODAY Get More Score Until You Lose a Ball. Last Smash to Get Super Score Attention... AI aim your Goal 2015 JJ factory Games.    5 MB    Views 7637


+13    NOTE: Game works on Iphone 4s / Ipad 2 and Higher Destroy as much enemies as possible and achieve best score. Compare your score using Leaderboard    19 MB    Views 7699

Family Pack - Score

+2    A real carnival classic Play it safe by aiming you balls at the big holes, or take a chance on the big scores by shooting for the small ones. Score includes a global highscore list that allows you to compete for ...    8 MB    Views 5329

Connecting ...

+24    Join two or more dots with the same color for getting score There are 4 modes: Timed , Moves , Endless ,Level (comming soon) Compare your score with friend all over the world via GameCenter Have fun    4 MB    Views 5081
-3    On Christmas Day, a virus spread in the city transforming everybody into zombies. You are the last cop alive. Eliminate all threats that are in front of you. Kill them all to increase your score. Share your score on the Internet and try ...    10 MB    Views 1701

Fish Jumping Free

+2    Catch more fish to explode your score Share your score on the Internet and try to stay in the world ranking. If you agree, your location is detected automatically to display the flag of your country in the international scores table. Game Features • ...    9 MB    Views 4238

Kandy Row

-1    Make rows of candies across to score points. Tap to change the shape. Drag right, left and bottom to move the candies. Try to beat you friends' highest score.    4 MB    Views 8012
-4    It is a game which avoids the petal of a cherry which falls. It is the best for little killing time. When a high score is issued, the function which it can boast of by Twitter is carried Will vie with a friend ...    931 kb    Views 6748

King Ball Showdown

-9    Check out this fun and addictive game Catch the falling balls and get the highest score. Share your score with friends and try to beat them. Download it for FREE now    7 MB    Views 4038

Bounce Blast

-2    Blast balls out of your cannon and hit previous ones to score points and keep them up Simple and fun Two worlds for you to explore Upload your best score using OpenFeint    8 MB    Views 2313
score dinosaur
0    Take control of a pro basket balling dinosaur and score, score, score Shoot some hoops with a mate and prove you are the best Dunker in town    69 MB    Views 140

Double Attack

+13    HOW TO PLAY : Swap tiles and collect the falling balls. Challenge your friends to beat your score. FEATURES : Highly Addicting. 3 challenges. Cool graphics. Leaderboard. Achievements. Score sharing.    10 MB    Views 8149

One Shot Soccer

+2    Four Goals, Four Goalies, one ball & just one you...Can you score? Enjoy “soccer” with the weirdest twist ever you are surrounded by 4 goalkeepers , each guarding their own goal posts. Score when they switch Swipe away to your glory ...    14 MB    Views 4070
+26    A UFO was spotted in the city. Tap the screen to change direction of your UFO to fly between buildings. Get upgrades to help you survive. Longer you last the higher the score. Score high.    13 MB    Views 4231

Game Over - fBomb

0    Your mission is to keep the bomb flying and to avoid the pipes or it will explode Collect coins along the way to get the highest score. Challenge your friends and family to see who can get the highest score Used SFX ...    6 MB    Views 3497


+1    The meteor is highly unstable, keep your following it with your finger to prevent it from exploding. But beware it will move faster over time Pick up the blue spheres for awesome bonusses like: Slowmotion Shield Score Bonus Back to full Health Features Gamecenter so you ...    13 MB    Views 6041

Do What I Do

+17    FawzmaGames presents.. Do What I Do A simple 80s classic of Simon Says Try to get as many combos as possible and score the biggest score. Then share with your friends. Features goofy sounds and Game Center. And now supports online multiplayer play. Challenge ...    22 MB    Views 5808


0    Play this FREE game and tell all your friends about it Beat your personal score and compare your best score to others. Then share them on the social networks.    26 MB    Views 1323


score nest
+7    Throw the egg from nest to nest, go as high as you possibly can. All you need to do is find the right timing and tap your way to the top Share your score, connect and challenge your friends to score ...    8 MB    Views 1246

Clean up!

-4    Play this FREE game and tell all your friends about it Beat your personal score and compare your best score to others. Then share them on the social networks.    27 MB    Views 4015


+16    Tap the buttons in the right order The faster you are the better the score. Upload your score to the online highscore list.    2 MB    Views 7531


+3    Simple operation of just flick And to earn a score flick in the direction of the arrow appearing one after the other. Game over if you miss three times. Let's to compete for a high score to concentrate    10 MB    Views 7008
-9    Can you guide the Rocket through the amazing challenges to reach a high score? Avoid Meteors, Aliens and rock tunnels as you seek to achieve the best score of all. Collect stars and use them to buy power ups to create a ...    10 MB    Views 2581

Raven Toll

-4    The Ravens are flying and it's your job to put them down. With trusty bow in hand and your faithful companion, Dodger at your side, you will experience thirty rounds of skill based fun across six unique zones. Watch the feathers ...    37 MB    Views 7464
score foosball
+5    The foosball players run through the meadow collecting all the soccer balls while trying to avoid the stinging bumble bees. The more they can get, the higher the score. "Fun sports themed game to play." Peyton M. Who on your ...    29 MB    Views 7292

Crossfire Defense

game score
-6    Be able to explore your running strength will take you into the world of WWI dogfighting right on your device with some SERIOUS SHOOT 'em UP ACTION this game will keep you immersed and busy for hours. ………………… Full HD support on ...    19 MB    Views 4072

A Ninja Warrior Run

+6    Ready to be a ninja? Tap to make ninja jump in this fast and fun ninja running game. Score the highest to see how far you can make it. Share your score with others. Check it out for FREE today    6 MB    Views 4944
+14    Fascinating addicting game to race your boat and avoid dangerous icebergs and obstacles on the way. Highlight features: Addictive sensation. Share your score in Twitter. High score records. Improved for a great entertaining experience Download and enjoy today    11 MB    Views 5389

Cash Match Mania

+8    Swipe 3 or more to match money of the same type. Beat the clock and score the highest. Share your score with friends and be the richest one FREE    31 MB    Views 6228

Carny Hoops

+11    Play against this fast pace shoot against the clock carnival game. You're only goal is to try and score as many hoops as you can within the time limit. The more you score the more things you can get from ...    24 MB    Views 2769

Froggy Stomp

+1    Check out this cool and fun frog smashing game How to Play: 1. Tap to close and smash the frogs 2. Get the highest score 3. Share your score with friends Free today.    4 MB    Views 6855


score game
+10    Very addictive arcade game created by The Restless. 1. Play the Game 2. Get a high score 3. Screenshot while playing 3. Share your score/experience on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter Graphics by: Triller Designs & Vavi Crude Sounds produced by: ILL LETHAL LITERATURE    20 MB    Views 1616

Chickens Can Fly!

-4    Flying a chicken to Mars Easy, right? Well with limited fuel, the danger of falling into outer space and unwelcome surprises along the way, will you make it? Features 10 PowerUps To Unlock 5 Feather Types to Boost Your Score Beautiful ...    16 MB    Views 3457

Gangster Madness

+9    This actionpacked neoretro arcade game will get you coming back for more. Get the bad guys before they get you. Don't hurt any innocent bystanders. Bask in the glory of a really high score or give in to your dark side ...    17 MB    Views 7683

Who's smarter?!

score smarter
+26    Test your IQ by these amazing games and compare it with your friends score to know who smarter is. Get more score passing more tests in limited times    5 MB    Views 5799

myPumpkinz Free

+13    Adsupported FREE version You have been given the ability to protect your fellow kin from the ghosts Watch out as their forces come at you slowly but surely. Do you have what it takes to defend the pumpkinz Features: Global online scores Spooky sound effects Endless ...    5 MB    Views 9790


score game
+16    Go for the high score in this play and trade game and compare your Game Center score with others. Tap the appropriate number or letter as fast as you can. As time passes, your score takes a hit, so make ...    5 MB    Views 3458

Da Toy Man Lite!

+10    Ad Supported "BEWARE: this may be the most addictive game ever" Using your accelerometer (tilt control) you need to save your ToyMan from falling down The further you manage to go, the higher your score Also, pickup as many coins as possible to ...    682 kb    Views 2758

Blob Jumps

blobs score
-9    Help the Blobs dodge the rolling spiked balls Otherwise they will pop and deflate There are four different coloured blobs, Blue, Black, Green and Red Can you manage all four blobs at the same time? Share your score with your ...    5 MB    Views 4483
+11    Try out this fun and addictive monster game How to Play: 1. Tap to close and smash the monsters 2. Get the highest score 3. Share your score with friends Check it out for FREE now    4 MB    Views 4731

Survive It.

+14    Survive as long as you can Test and improve your reaction time while trying to achieve the highest score you can get. Evade the dots, beat your high score and unlock upgrades.    43 MB    Views 1930

Offroad Truck Dash

truck score
+4    Drive the truck to win the race Tap left and right to move the truck. Dodge other vehicles and score the highest. Share your high score with your friends. Download this FREE and exciting truck racing game now    44 MB    Views 4512

Ambush Zombie

+11    A virus spread in the city transforming everybody into Zombies. You are the last cop alive. Eliminate all threats that are in front of you. Kill them all to increase your score. Share your score on the Internet and try to stay in ...    14 MB    Views 5504

Amazing ZigZag

zigzag score
+10    ZigZag ZigZag ZigZag Collect the score, do as many zigzags as you can and don’t give up ZigZag ZigZag ZigZag Your highest score will be rated with other players' one in all over the world. Enjoy it    28 MB    Views 9546

Flying Bubblez

-4    Bubbles are flying everywhere Shoot them down one by one to score Practice your aim and compete against the whole world or between friends on Facebook But don't forget to use special power bubble to help you to score more. Still ...    44 MB    Views 7204


-3    Help Terence the turtle survive underwater by guiding him between the oncoming anchors and seaweed Tap the screen to blow bubbles and lift Terence higher Difficulty increases as Terence glides further and gains more speed Friendly reminders every 1000 points to show you ...    19 MB    Views 2742
+20    A racing game that where you don't actually get to race Tap to move the road block and avoid the cars as they speed around the track. Set a high score and earn bragging rights amongst your friends. WARNING Attempts to beat ...    5 MB    Views 4819

Crazy Tank

+5    Jump over craters, shoot helicopters and blast away obstacles to raise your score and see how far you can go. Submit yor score and compete against the rest of the world.    453 kb    Views 3954
-8    We bet you can't score higher than 3. In fact there's probably no point in downloading the game. People have become so addicted for hours trying to get a high score, but have failed. Be warned. Good luck. You will definitely ...    26 MB    Views 4855
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