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+20    Featured New & Noteworthy game in the USA, Sweden, Italy, UK and many other countries The survival of the Sheeps is at stake. Help the shepherd to catch all the sheep before they run away to the most dangerous place on ...    5 MB    Views 4139

Run, sheep, run!

sheep game fastest run speed
+1    Ladies and gentlemen, we present to your attention the piping hot endless runner. The main hero of the game is Sheep that wants to prove to the world that sheep is the fastest animal on the planet. Moving on to the ...    18 MB    Views 7264
+5    The funniest game you have ever seen. Help sheep jump over the river, rescue as many of them as you can and become the best sheep savior in the world. While you are saving sheep, you can catch some coins, use these ...    23 MB    Views 2510

Lamb Planks

+2    In Lamb Planks you control Lammy (lamb), simply by tilting your device to manoeuvre up as high as you possibly can to get the top score. You’ll have to be careful and attack the sheep falling off the mountain and ...    45 MB    Views 9133
+5    Wolves always kill and eat sheep. Now it's time for sheep to revenge. Use slingshot to help the sheep fly and smash the wolves castle and destroy blue wolves. Each of the 65 levels requires skill, logic and brute force ...    46 MB    Views 1176


fox sheep
+14    Fox&Sheep is the MINI and CHALLENGE game, it can make you are INTERESTED when playing it. HOW TO PLAY? > very easy > > > ...... let INSTALL and DISCOVERY    30 MB    Views 5227

Baams Away!

sheep power
+16    Blast sheep with bombs in this free app from Bearded Eye Travel to 3 worlds and sow chaos among 15 unique sheep. Baams Away is an action arcade game which is both fun and easy to learn. Traverse across lush Grasslandia, ...    45 MB    Views 1703

Go Go Sheep 2015

game sheep free 2015 fun
0    Happy Chinese New Year Go Go Sheep 2015 is a fun and simple game It is a free game. This game is especially design for all of you Collect the angpao, gold and firecracker as many you can. Avoid the enemies and ...    12 MB    Views 6645

Flappy Baa Baa

-2    Tap your screen and fly away the cute sheep in this amazing game. Help the sheep to get as far as possible. Help the Baa Baa to avoid the obstacles. Totally fun for kids.    10 MB    Views 6268

River Sheep

+6    Help your sheep to cross the river > Move the float on both sides to prevent the sheep from falling into the river. > Dress your sheep with funny costumes and colors. > Challenge your friends. Features: Compatible with Game Center Melody catchy and ...    18 MB    Views 3254


sheep controls pen left
+2    Gather all grandad Geoff’s sheep into the pen before they escape from the fields and go missing. Help Maxhiboi by using up, down, left, right controls. Stop MAXHiBOi and the sheep from falling into the water and avoid obstacles. Watch out, moles can ...    20 MB    Views 4354


sheep moto
+7    Jump run drive and dive your way through this fantasy world in this sheep themed action adventure game Cruise the hills and beware of the bombs as you try to keep up with your 4 wheeler Collect the hearts and ...    790 kb    Views 4872

Crazy Sheep

sheep tap
0    Sometimes sheep just go nuts Tap the leaping sheep as many times as you can, but be careful If you tap a calm sheep, you'll lose your flock    14 MB    Views 7505

Blah Blah Tap Sheep

sheep tap blah
+1    Help an urban farmer get his flock of sheep back into order. Tap the instructed colour of sheep as it appears on the screen within the allotted time.    56 MB    Views 6609
sheep alien
-1    You're racing against the clock every second of the way Save your sheep from an alien abduction by herding them to the barn It's harder than it sounds, try it for yourself Great animated graphics and sound Play with friends to see whose sheep ...    8 MB    Views 1049
lucky sheep farms
-9    Lucky The Sheep is very cute and naughty. Lucky always want to have some adventure in the farms. This time too, He escaped and running on the farms. But Lucky needs your help Tap on the screen to make little sheep jump ...    26 MB    Views 214

Spacey Sheep

-4    Collect Tomato Sauce, make bubbles and push Rocket Sheep in this wacky space sidescroller. Stars: You Rocket Sheep A bubble gun Tomato Sauce    11 MB    Views 7688
+1    Keep tiny sheep in the bars. Tap on sheep to drive them back. Have fun :) Highlights: •Raise tiny sheep •Universal app, play on iPod, iPhone and iPad •Welldesigned graphics and sounds •Game Center support 

 GIFT THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the ...    11 MB    Views 7884

Sheep Hero

-4    Battle friends for high score in this neverending game Just tap the screen to make the nearest to a canyon sheep jump    35 MB    Views 2271

Fluffy Sheep

sheep fluffy
-6    Help the Fluffy Sheep to begin the adventure. Delightful Art Style Addicting Gameplay Simple Controls [How to play] Tap the screen to Jump Dodge all the building Challenge the score with your friends.    41 MB    Views 2275
gambling levels sheep
+18    Dive into the world of gambling sheep. Complete 30 exciting and challenging levels. Enjoy the game for a while with different levels of complexity or play for fun without any time. Localization: English Russian Ukrainian German Korean Chinese    42 MB    Views 5542

Sheep Panic

-7    Sheep Panic with real Physics Great simple casual game that will keep you entertained for hours to come You are a lonely sheep deserted in the rocks storm on the sahara desert. You need to survive it as long as possible. Be the ...    1 MB    Views 4012

Sheep Herder Retro

+29    Help the sheep herder to gather all the escaping sheep to their new fold    31 MB    Views 4894

River Sheep HD

sheep river
+30    Help your sheep to cross the river > Move the float on both sides to prevent the sheep from falling into the river. > Dress your sheep with funny costumes and colors. > Challenge your friends. Features: Compatible with Game Center Melody catchy and ...    33 MB    Views 2242

Sheep Shock

-5    A sheep likes to jump from a huge high. She can fly fast or slow. Fly carefully as far as you can, collecting coins on the way for buying additional opportunities. Level never will be same. Just a good reaction ...    44 MB    Views 520

Leaping Wood Sheep

wood sheep game
-9    The Leaping Wood Sheep Game. Ensure yourself a happy and successful Wood Sheep Year 2015 by playing the fun and engaging “Leaping Wood Sheep” Game    8 MB    Views 4170
twitter time action surface facebook age game sheep friends slice wool pen play finger
+9    Get your hands on one of the best 5 stars games available ============================= Sami Barket : First Slice... THE addictive slash action game ============================= "Hi, my name is Sami Barket, welcome to my sliced trip" They play and love Sami Barket: First Slice ...    34 MB    Views 8603

Ship the sheep

-1    Funny and addictive game for all ages. control the UFO by simply tapping left or right halves of your screen to change directions, or both of them to fly up. the goal is to steal cute little sheep from Wild ...    12 MB    Views 1567

Drop sheep

sheep drop
+8    This is the game of issue. Drop your sheep to below block in order to grow the sheep in your dream. The higher the sheep falls, the bigger it grows up. but, be careful, if you drop the sheep too deep down, you ...    30 MB    Views 4968

Save the Sheep

Related Apps facebook game friends save sheep
+3    Check out new addictive and FREE game from Colorbox and become hero while aiming at and breaking down cage and save lovely sheep from strange Alien Features Innovative flick control Gorgeous graphics Challenge with Facebook friends on Weekly Tournament ...    15 MB    Views 8207

Sheep Jumper

sheep skip
0    Crazy Sheep game coming Slide your finger up, let the sheep skip the fence, how many sheep you can skip    23 MB    Views 6487

Hit or Knit Fun

wool mouse
-1    We all know that cats love a ball of wool. But this time it is rolled by an evil mouse. Now it's up to us to use the "finger" to match 3 same balls of wool so that they are ...    4 MB    Views 7050
game sheep chop
-6    Userfriendly Game Play Great Time Killer Addictive Game _______________ Chop the sheep to win the game. Chop as many sheep as you can. A canon will shoot the sheep in air. You have to chop them out by sliding on the screen. Don’t let ...    12 MB    Views 4889

Sheep in Hell

sheep hell challenges difficulty dungeons enemies wolf
+19    You're a wolf and you've been bad. That's why you've been put in the deepness of a hell plagued with your most hated enemies: the sheep But they're not normal sheep. No... They're possessed demonic sheep and won't hesitate to ...    30 MB    Views 1896

Sheep Herder

+12    How many sheep can you herd?    14 MB    Views 7636

Flipping Sheep

Related Apps sheep flipping play game fast levels unlock
+11    Flipping sheep It shouldn't be quite so tricky getting these pesky sheep back home. Sure, there are bouncy cows to run under and barns to jump over, but ... dodging swarms of bees? Being thrown skywards on a geyser? Running ...    4 MB    Views 3935
doodle sheep including
+4    The poor lamb... Keep the sheep from being made into mutton in this darkly funny, high score game that tests the your dexterity and quick thinking. Ewe Doodle Highlights 
 • Addictive, fastpaced gameplay will challenge even seasoned players. • Two simple control mechanisms ...    17 MB    Views 167

Sheep Upkeep

0    Smash The Sheep as fast as you can. Sheep Upkeep is so addicting and highly entertaining game for kids,boys,girls. How to Play: Simply touch the Sheep to smash them. Use your finger to tap on the sheep to smash and eliminate them ...    92 MB    Views 5755

Save Some Sheep

Related Apps sheep save
0    Beware...a hungry beast in your farm Make the sheep jump to escape How many sheep can you save?    10 MB    Views 7410


time record hook sheep
+10    rescueCopter is a platform game starring Tyco, a funny small helicopter toy wanting to became a great rescueCopter. Help it to find all sheep and use its hook to bring them into the fold. But beware of foxes and other ...    16 MB    Views 3986


Related Apps jump game sheep
0    Jump sheep jump :) Take advantage of addictive game and prove who is the best shepherd by getting achievement and respect. SheepWood is online turnbased game where you need to bring all sheep home faster than opponent. No distractive iAds and totally ...    18 MB    Views 8512
sleep sheep
+2    If you can not sleep at night, this app will help you get into your dream and sleep. Simply count the sheep and do nothing else.    14 MB    Views 1052

Feed Dolly HD

dolly feed sheep likes
-9    Feed Dolly is an addictive puzzle game that calls for precision, decision and timing. Have you ever heard of a dancing sheep? Meet Dolly, the coolest sheep around. Dolly it’s all about partying When Dolly is happy she likes to dance ...    42 MB    Views 5274

Sheep Loot

-4    Warning: the following game is very challenging... Do you accept the challenge? Help alien collect all sheep through 4 amazing chapters with more than 30 levels and make that annoying general quiet    6 MB    Views 6183
wool mouse
+25    We all know that cats love a ball of wool. But this time it is rolled by an evil mouse. Now it's up to us to use the "finger" to match 3 same balls of wool so that they are ...    4 MB    Views 8406

Fluffy Herd

high fluffy sheep score herd
0    The new awesome FluffyHerd is now available Tap on your device to make the amazing sheep "Fluffy" jump through the obstacles as you run from the herd of furious black sheep Don't let them catch you Your ultimate to demolish your high ...    4 MB    Views 226

Super Sam

sam tilt sheep
+9    Sam's life was peaceful and quiet at the ranch until his sheep were kidnapped by an alien monster. Help Sam save his sheep while exploring new worlds and avoiding dangers Features Tilt to avoid traps while completing exciting missions Collect coins, ...    45 MB    Views 6501

Country Driver

driver sheep country year
+13    Country Driver is a new driving sim. Your goal is to try to hit as many sheep as you can while keeping your damage down and reaching the checkpoints. one man... one car... loads of crazy sheep... that's it... try to ...    10 MB    Views 7230
game sheep mode
+12    Why did the Sheep jump? With this Game you'll sleep tonight, guaranteed. ( to Sheep Mode ) Enjoy the addictive simple one touch game play you love ( to Normal ) Challenge yourself with the near impossible (to Hard Mode ) Beautifully designed and ...    24 MB    Views 4564
sheep left edition lite
+5    Help Sheepy the Sheep cross to the other side. Sheepy wants to wander, but there's a mass of Spikes in his way. Help him walk casually to the left, where he'll get to wander some more, through Rocky caverns, vast Ice ...    25 MB    Views 973
boosts missions sam complete sheep
+12    Tilt left and right to collect boosts, coins and avoid traps Oh no An evil alien monster has kidnapped Sam's sheep Help him rescue them while exploring new worlds and completing exciting missions FEATURES Complete missions to save sheep Use special boosts ...    41 MB    Views 8087

Stupid Sheep

dog bonus game challenges sheep trials coming return
-5    Help your dog return sheep to the pen before time runs out. Return other animals for bonus point multipliers Over 40 different trials and bonus challenges keep you coming back for more in this addictive and fun game with a bark FEATURES: ● ...    28 MB    Views 1276

Doodle Sheep

Related Apps doodle sheep scissors colors addictive save
-8    iPRISON BREAK AND iCSI NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE Doodle Sheep is one of the most addictive and funniest games available on the iPhone and iPod. Save the sheep from being sheared by the oncoming scissors by pressing the name of ...    5 MB    Views 9861

Wolves and Wool

wolves game packages wool trigger shoot bad package parachute
+1    The popular Wolves and Wool are a bit like Angry Birds. Here you throw packages over a scene with wolves and lambs. You mission is to kill the wolves without harming your lambs. You do this by shooting a package with ...    18 MB    Views 1719

Catch the Sheep!

time casual iphone playing sheep bang game catch
+7    1.2 billion sheep can't be wrong And if they had iPhones they would be playing this special SHEEP GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION What the press says: Nothing much. What mom says: Sunny, you're the best Your mission? You and your bangbang truck are out ...    19 MB    Views 636
Related Apps war sheep battle game missions
-9    Dirty wolves snatched Byashka – the bride of Byash sheep This is WAR Immediate military draft of all battle sheep Brave sheep are landing to the battle ship Commander, use the transport boat and don’t lose a soldier Win this war and ...    NAN    Views 7610

Sheep Launcher 2

sheep launcher original martian
+26    Now Free for a limited Time The Martians are coming and Farmer Jett needs you to launch his sheep and chase them off his farm The much anticipated sequel to the original hugely popular Sheep Launcher is now available and running beautifully ...    40 MB    Views 2389

Don't Hit the Sheep

hit don sheep
+12    Don't Hit the Sheep. Hit the fox. That's it. Tweet us donthitthesheep Like us ilovedonthitthesheep    6 MB    Views 8897

Crazy Shepherd

time sheep levels earth wool mars lava wolves special
+14    You always thought that aliens are wise and allmighty? Not at all. They really need your help now Their planet freezes and only sheep from the Earth can rescue them. At special breed of special sheep’s wool grows very quickly ...    36 MB    Views 9136

Turbo Rocket Sheep

Related Apps fun sheep
+29    The crazy sheep on the farm got board and build themselves a JET PACK Fun and games guiding your way through the spike balls , good luck as you try to top the leaderboard Fun for all the ...    18 MB    Views 9496
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