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+5    Goobies is the fun popular game kids love Learn shapes by matching up in a square, up and down, side to side, corner to corner to clear off board Gameplay is designed for vivid colors and fun music Score as ...    14 MB    Views 715
+3    Navigate your motorcycle on the highway avoiding cars and busses along the way. Using the accelerometer, or your finger, tipping the unit back and forth moving back and forward and side to side to avoid the on coming racing traffic.    499 kb    Views 2739
+3    Jump the Triangle Tap the right side to jump the right one. Tap the left side to jump the left one.    14 MB    Views 7430
0    Show me your highscore now The famous Flappy Chick turns to the dark side and adventure continues in magical space. Stick with 3 simple rules: 1) Tap to get high. 2) Avoid laser beam. 3) Unlock Bronze, Silver, Gold, and hidden (easter egg) medals.    5 MB    Views 6670
-2    What side have more? You must decide it quickly. Time is running out. Touch on the side have more or middle button if they have the same number. Come and play with bigger ore smaller    18 MB    Views 5185
side pixel monster
+10    Help the pixel monster win the race Tap to jump from side to side to dodge the obstacles. Collect and power up using shields to become invincible. Download today for FREE    29 MB    Views 6924
horror side touch
-4    This is a CUTE HALLOWEEN coming. The horror is decide by how much horror items. Touch on the side that have more item. If they have the same number, just touch on the equal symbol. Try this game and have fun    22 MB    Views 9337


-3    Infinitus is a new and fun infinite runner. Your goal is to beat your friends, and compete against getting the highest score. To make the game easy to learn, while hard to master, we only have 2 movements. Click on ...    24 MB    Views 4522

Side Wipe HD

side logic wipe
+8    ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ Do you like logic & addictive games? Enjoy Side Wipe Game that challenges your logic trying to keep the bouncing ball within ...    7 MB    Views 9015
0    Ready to get focused? This intense game will test your reflexes like no other game you have ever played. Tap on the left side of the screen to move the blue brick, and tap the right side to move the red ...    5 MB    Views 7225


good side
-7    Turn on all the lights before time runs out. Rock your device back and forth, and side to side, to move the star across the field to touch each light. Watch out It's quick. A steady hand and good reflexes will ...    6 MB    Views 4776
side chump
-4    "Chump is starting an adventure in a strange world, need to cross from side to side to avoid obstacles and enemies. How to Play: Walk across the stage using the arrows and jump when needed, goes to the other side to ...    8 MB    Views 8576


+9    Trapping the ball from side to side to avoid obstacles that appear ... The ...    36 MB    Views 9031


side climb move
+15    Set the world on fire as you climb an infinite stairway. But watch your step One false move and you'll be devoured by the sea. How To Play: Use left and right arrows to move side to side. Use the A button to ...    32 MB    Views 6373

Gem 3D

+29    You are wrong if you think that jeweled games have challenges Try GEM 3D out and you will find out HOW TO PLAY The main goal is to make as many gems disappear as you can. Tap a gem first and another gem ...    8 MB    Views 6534

Vertical Fall

+14    BZZZZZZZZZT… what was that? Oh it's the sound of two friends sliding down an infinite wall, avoiding evil enemies all in a modern IOS7 design… Ok maybe you won't hear the design :) In Vertical you control two boxes (a pink and ...    7 MB    Views 497
cowboys side whack
-2    Loved playing Cowboys 'n Indians when you were a kid? Now you can play again all day long Whose side do you choose? The trailriding cowboy or the painted Indian? Either way you'll have a "whack" of a good time ...    48 MB    Views 2473

Swinging Piglet

piglet high side game
+6    This game like Swing Copters, is a fun, challenging and addictive game. To play just move Piglet side to side by tapping on the screen. Get Piglet as high as you can to achieve your higest score. Challenge friends by ...    7 MB    Views 6014
+27    This is the game for you to relax your self and chalenge your skill. In limit time, you need touch on the button in which side have more. Sometime, this is equal and the middle button is the right choice. Come and try ...    20 MB    Views 2026


-3    Missiles are coming to hit Fighter from the two caves. Mostly it comes one after the other but it's not always. Show me your reflexes HOW TO PLAY Just tap the screen. Fighters would move from side to side. That's all. Enjoy it    9 MB    Views 2915
worm side
-8    No touching needed for this addictive runner style game Just tilt your iPhone from side to side and guide your squirmy worm through the gates. Easy to play, yet hard to master. How high a score can you put up on ...    10 MB    Views 2154

Fly Paper!

+13    Press Quotes: "8 out of 10. Random thoughtless swiping equals fly decimation and boredom release all at once. The animation and sound are charming and support the mood of a quick pickmeup time waster." — AppCraver "This game is completely brainless. And ...    9 MB    Views 657

Block Ninjas

-1    How long can you survive? Hit the evil red ninjas with your throwing stars, but don't let them touch you Use coins in the shop to upgrade and become the ultimate ninja Directions: Tap the left side of the screen to jump, the ...    3 MB    Views 5108

Snake Ball

0    Consume the apples to grow in length while trying to avoid the snake's tail. Use the bottom of the screen to rotate clockwise (right side), anticlockwise (left side) and speed up (right and left sides together). Inspired by Snake and Snake3D.    32 MB    Views 1257

Lets Get High

+2    A waddle of penguins is trying to take down your hot air balloon Slide your finger from side to side as you try to survive.    31 MB    Views 3741

Frog Tap Hop Run

Related Apps tap frog side left
+16    The most ridiculous and fun frog endless running game Help the frog go the distance and avoid the snakes, spiders, and more. How to Play 1. Tap left side to jump 2. Tap right side to slide 3. Tap left + right to go between ...    12 MB    Views 7931


+5    Who doesn't love challenges? We all do. Karoos is a challenging game, you have to help the Kangaroos to cross to the other side of the screen. Swipe the screen left and right to move the platform and the Kangaroo will jump ...    13 MB    Views 2752
+7    Well its raining dogs and our poor little cat is stuck outside in the rain Help her dodge dog by moving side to side... Do you have what it takes for this simple yet addictive game    2 MB    Views 7401


click side
+21    Avoid walls, in this super hard and addictive game Click on the left side to go UP Click on the right side to go DOWN Click again to continue foward    14 MB    Views 3605
climb trees side run
+5    Run and Climb Do not forget to jump side to side from trees. Do not hit the small trees. Avoid from bees . Climb as much as you can Make your Bestscore Features: Simple controls and an exciting game play. More fun This ...    29 MB    Views 4205

Oscar the Aeronaut

oscar balloon side
-4    Fun and simple gameplay with groovy music by Gopal Metro Oscar the Aeronaut is an alien abandoned on earth and needs your help to get home. Tap the screen to jump and move the device side to side to navigate from ...    66 MB    Views 3338
Related Apps easter side eggs catch
-7    No In App Purchases Catch the falling eggs and Save Easter It's up to you here's how to play Simply slide the bunny side to side and catch the eggs in the basket...but don't let one hit the ground    6 MB    Views 966


Related Apps jump left side
+10    You control Mr.Papi (red ball guy) to go up higher. All you have to do is tap anywhere to jump Platforms are moving left or right automatically, and you should jump timely to land on a next platform. The left side of ...    2 MB    Views 8738
ninja stars side
+6    WARNING: Playing this game might turn you into a ninja Simple to play. Hard to master. Swipe the Nerdy Ninja from side to side to avoid getting hit by ninja stars. Get addicted    14 MB    Views 8303

Grim Jim

jim side bear grim
-4    Jim's future is looking a little grim... As Jim was out walking in the forest one day he was spotted by a big ol' bear that chased him right up a tree Help Jim stay alive and away from the ...    5 MB    Views 9849

Bubbles Swaping

bubbles side
0    Bubbles Swaping is a game designed for kids . Try to match up the same Bubbles Swaping with same Colour which lies side by side .    6 MB    Views 4009
side chump
+3    "Chump is starting an adventure in a strange world, need to cross from side to side to avoid obstacles and enemies. How to Play: Walk across the stage using the arrows and jump when needed, goes to the other side to ...    8 MB    Views 8502

Darker Side

+8    Just tap on the darker side. Fast [HOW TO PLAY] • Tap the screen on the darker color before the time runs out • Set your high score and share it with your friends. Enjoy the game.    8 MB    Views 9005


Related Apps level flick clear side
+25    The application was abs Operation is easy Yeah Simply flick from side to side. ■ TrialMode to compete for time to flick 100 times ■ By level • The number of flick has been determined by level, if clear, you will receive points. ※ ...    2 MB    Views 7206
Related Apps jump cats mad side
-5    Avoid the all out assault from the Mad Cats for as long as you can. Jump, double jump, and move side to side.    4 MB    Views 2992


Related Apps papi side left
+13    Tilt the device left and right to move Mr.Papi (red ball guy) in the left side and avoid spikes. The Papi in the right side moves to the opposite direction as if a mirror exists between them. If the Papi in the ...    3 MB    Views 8684
Related Apps fun side free
+6    ow are your climbing skills? > Fun game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Tap to move side to side and collect as many of the valuable objects as you can Avoid the obstacles and keep moving up How far ...    9 MB    Views 8938

Block Dodge

dodge block left side
+7    Block Dodge is a fun, addictive, indie type game available for all ages To play is simple, hold the left side of the screen to go left and the right side to go right and dodge the colourful blocks falling from ...    37 MB    Views 1514

Cube Jump

Related Apps jump cube side
-9    Cube Jump is a platformer game which is really fun to play with unique onetouch control mechanics Tap to jump from side to side and get flag to advance to the next stage. In the "Main menu" you can change colour of ...    69 MB    Views 259


falling side designs roll
+21    Roll from side to side avoiding falling objects as long as you can. If a falling object falls on you while you don't have any shield, you lose. Roll into falling power ups to aid you. Gain experience in order ...    2 MB    Views 7958

Lumber Chopper

-1    Presenting to you a highly addicting game where it is so simple yet so hard To play its easy: Just chop the wood on the side where there are no branches, then tap other side when branch is on your side.    4 MB    Views 808

Sidekick: Smackdown

luck side
0    Test your luck as you enter the ultimate tournament in a battle for supremacy, in Sidekick: Smackdown. Join the dark side or team up with the good guys as you work your way through a challenging bracket, taking on all ...    82 MB    Views 6420


vegetables side pop
+4    VegetablesPop is a game designed for kids . Try to match up the same alphabets with same Colour which lies side by side .    13 MB    Views 7485

The Red Bird

Related Apps bird red side game
-3    Red Bird is a highly addictive game that it's easy to play and it's created for every ages. You are a red bird that want to eat the cherries but there are a lot of crows in the tree thats want ...    11 MB    Views 594

BlamBall XG

control side hit
0    Blamball is very simple but highly addictive game. Playing blamball, your goal is to hit smileys with the blamball. When you hit them they explode. Control your pod side to side to control the blamball. Collect bonuses to make your journey ...    39 MB    Views 3547

Block Jump!

Related Apps jump side
0    Simply jump from side to side to avoid the falling blocks. Very addictive, can you top the global leaderboard?    14 MB    Views 2431

Let's Wreck It!

side pipes tower smash
+11    Smash the tower, but watch out for pipes Jump from side to side to knock down the building as fast as you can, but don't run into the pipes on either side. Smash that tower    12 MB    Views 4550

Brick To Break

brick bricks side break
+1    A Traditional Brick and breaker app game. The goal is to break as many bricks as possible as fast as possible without letting the sphere drop. You have a small platform to move from side to side and continue breaking ...    7 MB    Views 3264
side bananas
-6    Climb the tree and collect as many bunches of bananas as you can. Watch out for the birds trying to take your bananas Tap to jump, rotate your phone to move side to side.    29 MB    Views 2624

Bouncy Kitty

dogs kitty side
+30    Tap the screen to make the kitty jump Avoid the dogs on each side Every side you hit you will receive one point See how long you can keep the kitty away from the dogs    11 MB    Views 8477

Emoji Copter

emoji hint copter side
+8    Introducing, Emoji Copter Go ahead move up, down, even side to side to save your smiley friends. But be quick Evil bees, aliens, bombs, and villains are out to get you Hint, Hint, The trick is to swipe once. Enjoy Make ...    4 MB    Views 488

Jumps jumps

jump jumps side
+13    Jump Jump Jump Tap to jump from side to side without falling, the best simple game How far can you jump ? 100 jumps ? Jump Jump Jump Your highest score will be rated with other players' one in all over the world. Enjoy it    28 MB    Views 2172

6 Lanes

lanes obstacles side
+3    Welcome to 6 Lanes. Can you control two cars at the same time while avoiding obstacles on each side? Try your best to not confuse your brain as incoming tires rush at you. Some say this game is impossible Instructions: Each ...    10 MB    Views 9959


Related Apps car side
+11    Tanks are coming to hit Car from the two caves. Mostly it comes one after the other but it's not always. Show me your reflexes HOW TO PLAY Just tap the screen. Car would move from side to side. That's all. Enjoy it    7 MB    Views 2298


opponent side
+1    Take on the role of a cheeky fox or a bionic bear to bring back to King Flamoo his most valuable offspring before time runs out and use their power to prevent the opponent from scoring. Steer clear of the pesky ...    59 MB    Views 1580
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