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+24    Test your reflexes Tap the screen to swing the crab from side to side. Hit a yellow shell for 1 point, but hit a pink one and it's game over Be quick, the game speeds up Can you beat the developer's high ...    6 MB    Views 419


+1    Download the new frustratingly fun bouncing game.... BOUNCE for free today Bounce from side to side dodging any spikes that appear.    9 MB    Views 2739

Jumps jumps

jump jumps side
+5    Jump Jump Jump Tap to jump from side to side without falling, the best simple game How far can you jump ? 100 jumps ? Jump Jump Jump Your highest score will be rated with other players' one in all over the world. Enjoy it    28 MB    Views 2172

Balloons Copters

0    A simple game that comes down from heaven and avoid the nail. [HOW TO PLAY] Move the red balloon from side to side, avoid the nail.    7 MB    Views 5461

Bubbles Swaping

bubbles side
+10    Bubbles Swaping is a game designed for kids . Try to match up the same Bubbles Swaping with same Colour which lies side by side .    6 MB    Views 4009
+29    Well its raining dogs and our poor little cat is stuck outside in the rain Help her dodge dog by moving side to side... Do you have what it takes for this simple yet addictive game    2 MB    Views 7401


good side
+25    Turn on all the lights before time runs out. Rock your device back and forth, and side to side, to move the star across the field to touch each light. Watch out It's quick. A steady hand and good reflexes will ...    6 MB    Views 4776
side chump
+11    "Chump is starting an adventure in a strange world, need to cross from side to side to avoid obstacles and enemies. How to Play: Walk across the stage using the arrows and jump when needed, goes to the other side to ...    8 MB    Views 8576

Side Wipe HD

side logic wipe
+5    ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ ➠ Do you like logic & addictive games? Enjoy Side Wipe Game that challenges your logic trying to keep the bouncing ball within ...    7 MB    Views 9015
0    This has got to be the coolest game ever It's a never ending game where you fly from side to side while avoiding the snapping Crocs, spikes and slippery Snakes. Collect the gold coin to gain bonus points. Enjoy    17 MB    Views 750
game tap side move
+2    Ready to get focused? This intense game will test your reflexes like no other game you have ever played. Tap on the left side of the screen to move the blue brick, and tap the right side to move the red ...    5 MB    Views 7225

Snake Ball

+18    Consume the apples to grow in length while trying to avoid the snake's tail. Use the bottom of the screen to rotate clockwise (right side), anticlockwise (left side) and speed up (right and left sides together). Inspired by Snake and Snake3D.    32 MB    Views 1257
cowboys side whack
+16    Loved playing Cowboys 'n Indians when you were a kid? Now you can play again all day long Whose side do you choose? The trailriding cowboy or the painted Indian? Either way you'll have a "whack" of a good time ...    48 MB    Views 2473

Vertical Fall

+1    BZZZZZZZZZT… what was that? Oh it's the sound of two friends sliding down an infinite wall, avoiding evil enemies all in a modern IOS7 design… Ok maybe you won't hear the design :) In Vertical you control two boxes (a pink and ...    7 MB    Views 497


-5    Tanks are coming to hit Car from the two caves. Mostly it comes one after the other but it's not always. Show me your reflexes HOW TO PLAY Just tap the screen. Car would move from side to side. That's all. Enjoy it    7 MB    Views 2298

Swinging Piglet

piglet high side game
-1    This game like Swing Copters, is a fun, challenging and addictive game. To play just move Piglet side to side by tapping on the screen. Get Piglet as high as you can to achieve your higest score. Challenge friends by ...    7 MB    Views 6014

Transport Invaders

+11    The Classic Arcade Game Space Invaders lands on your iPhone from TinyHosting Limited in a new format... Transport... Trains... Planes... Busses Tilt your iPhone side to side and tap to shoot to complete the level. Challenge your friends and start the ball ...    8 MB    Views 8855


side screen double
0    Now adfree, with ALLNEW NEON MODE and exciting double passages Twist, turn, and slide your way through the narrow passageways in this fun, incredibly addictive, and superchallenging game of skill The Object: Gain as many points as you can When you ...    5 MB    Views 3333
-7    How are your climbing skills? > Fun game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Tap to move side to side and collect as many of the valuable objects as you can Avoid the obstacles and keep moving up How far ...    9 MB    Views 8954

BlamBall XG

control side hit
+14    Blamball is very simple but highly addictive game. Playing blamball, your goal is to hit smileys with the blamball. When you hit them they explode. Control your pod side to side to control the blamball. Collect bonuses to make your journey ...    39 MB    Views 3547


corner side fun
+21    Goobies is the fun popular game kids love Learn shapes by matching up in a square, up and down, side to side, corner to corner to clear off board Gameplay is designed for vivid colors and fun music Score as ...    14 MB    Views 715


opponent side
+16    Take on the role of a cheeky fox or a bionic bear to bring back to King Flamoo his most valuable offspring before time runs out and use their power to prevent the opponent from scoring. Steer clear of the pesky ...    59 MB    Views 1580

Block Stacker!

+2    An attractive remake of this popular classic. Blocks slide from side to side, try to align the blocks and build the highest stack. Block Stacker features a global leaderboard to challenge all your friends.    14 MB    Views 6236

Animal Frenzy

+9    Go from colours to colours, jump side to side try not to get hit by the boulders , and collect as many strawberries as possible    8 MB    Views 7957


Related Apps side tap screen
+15    SWOOOP is a stupidly hard game. Pop bubbles before they hit the center of your orbit. Tap the right side of the screen to switch direction. In tricky situations, tap the left side of the screen (spending 10 points) to quickly ...    27 MB    Views 5688


+2    Roll from side to side avoiding falling objects as long as you can. If a falling object falls on you while you don't have any shield, you lose. Roll into falling power ups to aid you. Gain experience in order ...    2 MB    Views 7958

Sea Whale Splash

+18    Check out this sea whale racing game Swipe to avoid the obstacles by diving and jumping over them. Tilt to steer the whale from side to side. Fun for everyone. Try it out today    11 MB    Views 2264

Frog Tap Hop Run

Related Apps tap frog side left
-5    The most ridiculous and fun frog endless running game Help the frog go the distance and avoid the snakes, spiders, and more. How to Play 1. Tap left side to jump 2. Tap right side to slide 3. Tap left + right to go between ...    12 MB    Views 7931

Bouncy Kitty

dogs kitty side
+2    Tap the screen to make the kitty jump Avoid the dogs on each side Every side you hit you will receive one point See how long you can keep the kitty away from the dogs    11 MB    Views 8477

Gold Fish Escape

swim side
+1    Come On Swim away Piranhas are coming after you and they are very hungry... You need to move your phone side to side in order to avoid them. Don't forget to eat those yummy bubbles, they will increase your score Swim, swim, swim    2 MB    Views 3615


-7    Amazing fun and addictive, anyone can pick up and play Get all the balls from one side of the screen to the other without letting any back through. Each new level you get an extra ball to deal with. Move the ...    5 MB    Views 3057

Cube Jump

Related Apps jump cube side
+1    Cube Jump is a platformer game which is really fun to play with unique onetouch control mechanics Tap to jump from side to side and get flag to advance to the next stage. In the "Main menu" you can change colour of ...    69 MB    Views 259
ninja stars side
-1    WARNING: Playing this game might turn you into a ninja Simple to play. Hard to master. Swipe the Nerdy Ninja from side to side to avoid getting hit by ninja stars. Get addicted    14 MB    Views 8303


Related Apps side ball
+21    The ball moves from side to side. Press and hold the screen to stop the ball moving. Survive as long as possible without hitting the spikes Neonstyle graphics and changing backgrounds simplify the easy to learn but hard to master addictive ...    20 MB    Views 3666

Space Fun

ship alien side
0    Aliens are trying to invade your world. Dodge the alien ships. Touch and hold the ship to move it side to side. If an alien ship touches your ship then you will lose    8 MB    Views 3733
horror side touch
+4    This is a CUTE HALLOWEEN coming. The horror is decide by how much horror items. Touch on the side that have more item. If they have the same number, just touch on the equal symbol. Try this game and have fun    22 MB    Views 9337

Block Jump!

-3    Simply jump from side to side to avoid the falling blocks. Very addictive, can you top the global leaderboard?    14 MB    Views 2431

Animals Match Free

match animals side free
-6    Animals Match Free is a game designed for kids . Try to match up the same alphabets with same Colour which lies side by side .    9 MB    Views 6140
climb trees side run
-3    Run and Climb Do not forget to jump side to side from trees. Do not hit the small trees. Avoid from bees . Climb as much as you can Make your Bestscore Features: Simple controls and an exciting game play. More fun This ...    29 MB    Views 4205


side beat falling wind
-1    You control the wind as you guide your parachuter through the treacherous skies, trying to avoid clouds and birds. Swipe side to side to change the direction and speed of the wind, which will then blow your character side to ...    2 MB    Views 8119

Lets Get High

+7    A waddle of penguins is trying to take down your hot air balloon Slide your finger from side to side as you try to survive.    31 MB    Views 3741

Lumber Chopper

+3    Presenting to you a highly addicting game where it is so simple yet so hard To play its easy: Just chop the wood on the side where there are no branches, then tap other side when branch is on your side.    4 MB    Views 808

Out Of Control.

Related Apps car control side
+2    Your car is out of control and you ended up on the wrong side of the road. Your mission is to stay alive as long as possible. You accomplish the task by tapping each side of your screen to move ...    21 MB    Views 765

Get The Rope

side rope
+3    Try to bring the rope to your side and put barriers to opponents side. Burn or Freeze him/her or Increase your speed. Classic Tug of War game with obstacles.    16 MB    Views 9436
Related Apps fun side free
+1    ow are your climbing skills? > Fun game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Tap to move side to side and collect as many of the valuable objects as you can Avoid the obstacles and keep moving up How far ...    9 MB    Views 8938

Arrow Dash

+9    Want to relive the medieval days? Try dodging the enemy arrows, tap to move from side to side to see how high you can score Challenge your friends by using Game Center leaderboards    43 MB    Views 6972

Gem 3D

gems gem side disappear
+8    You are wrong if you think that jeweled games have challenges Try GEM 3D out and you will find out HOW TO PLAY The main goal is to make as many gems disappear as you can. Tap a gem first and another gem ...    8 MB    Views 6534
side box catch
+23    Help my cat Duke by catching him with his litter box Move the litter box from side to side to catch as many cats as you can. Challenge your family and friend to see who can get the highest score.    4 MB    Views 9663
button side game
+13    This is the game for you to relax your self and chalenge your skill. In limit time, you need touch on the button in which side have more. Sometime, this is equal and the middle button is the right choice. Come and try ...    20 MB    Views 2026

Tower Fall

person left side
-2    Avoid the towers by tilting the device or by tapping the left side of the screen to make the person go to the left, and the right side to make the person go right.    15 MB    Views 5639
left side game
-6    Use your white square moving side to side to catch a star rising up from the bottom. A very addictive game. Features: • Game Center • iCloud to keep your Best score in sync across all your Apple devices • Remove Ads inapp purchase option    361 kb    Views 748
side racer turbo
+19    Take a dash of your favorite seaside car racer, mix in some sidebyside police driving shootouts, a little cinematic slow motion stunts, nitrous turbo boosts and oil patches. The result: a high octane megamix of arcadestyle racer with vs baddies in ...    21 MB    Views 4916

Darker Side

tap side
+2    Just tap on the darker side. Fast [HOW TO PLAY] • Tap the screen on the darker color before the time runs out • Set your high score and share it with your friends. Enjoy the game.    8 MB    Views 9005


-4    Missiles are coming to hit Fighter from the two caves. Mostly it comes one after the other but it's not always. Show me your reflexes HOW TO PLAY Just tap the screen. Fighters would move from side to side. That's all. Enjoy it    9 MB    Views 2915
Related Apps jump left side tap
0    Jump is a simple game. Tap on the left side of the screen to go left, tap on the right side to go right. Every time you pass through an opening, you earn one point. Your goal is to get as many points ...    3 MB    Views 7335
side flappy dark chick
+15    Show me your highscore now The famous Flappy Chick turns to the dark side and adventure continues in magical space. Stick with 3 simple rules: 1) Tap to get high. 2) Avoid laser beam. 3) Unlock Bronze, Silver, Gold, and hidden (easter egg) medals.    5 MB    Views 6670

Let's Wreck It!

side pipes tower smash
+4    Smash the tower, but watch out for pipes Jump from side to side to knock down the building as fast as you can, but don't run into the pipes on either side. Smash that tower    12 MB    Views 4550


vegetables side pop
+26    VegetablesPop is a game designed for kids . Try to match up the same alphabets with same Colour which lies side by side .    13 MB    Views 7485


tilt side
+5    Tilt and shoot. Omnidirectional shooting four gradations monochrome retro flavor. Tilt back and forth to iPhone, then change the speed of the aircraft. And orientation changes when tilted from side to side. Stage 5 all. To understand the position of the enemy ...    6 MB    Views 3828
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