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Balance the Ball

+25    a simple game, all there is too it is to keep the ball bouncing and balancing on the platform. simple, simple, simple... how long can you keep it balanced for?    6 MB    Views 5609
+12    Simple 2D shooting game for you to enjoy. Control the UFO with a simple joystick. Simply tap the screen to shoot an enemies. Defeat the enemy and explore unknown galaxy.    122 MB    Views 6895
space simple shooter
+24    A simple space shooter. We must kill enemies and in the end the final boss. Traditional fantastic weapons, upgrades and boosters all for you. Have a good time.    NAN    Views 2402

2Dot Game

game simple
+4    This is a simple game with simple rules. The Game is an addictive game for iPhone and iPad where you have to match the 2 falling triangle with the circles on the bottom by rotating them with a single tap.    5 MB    Views 2381

Gravity W4LLS

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+2    Simple game with not simple physics. ● Try to calculate the trajectory of the ball ● Wait for the right moment ● Watch the ball's mass ● More than 40 difficulty levels    1 MB    Views 4308

Arrow of Exact

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+22    This is a simple but very difficult and fun game. Avoid the two wall and get out with small home. Features: Simple but fun. Need detail control. Simple design and record high score. If you have a question please send me the email    1 MB    Views 2927

Simple War

war simple
-1    We brought Simple War to iOS. Enjoy this funny RetroGame with stunning 3DGraphics and on your iPhone or iPad. The aim is simple: Fly around and shoot the enemys. Just like in good old times    29 MB    Views 1127

Simple Color Puzzle

+17    Very simple color puzzle(Samegame) game. Touch the block group that has same color. The more blocks broken at once, the more points scored.    2 MB    Views 7429

Monster Jam Jam

jam simple
+5    Behold Studios took almost 24 hours, a lot of pizzas, chocolate milk and sodas to create this simple but very fun game. Is a local multiplayer or a singleplayer against AI fight, with dense strategy and simple tasks. In each turn, ...    34 MB    Views 4869

Paper Plane - FREE

-6    With the simple 1 touch control, you'll be addicted for longer than you can imagine. FEATURES • Stunning Artwork • Incredible Gameplay • Cool Sound Effects • Simple Controls • And an Endless Amount of Fun Watch out for our amazing new selection of apps and games ...    22 MB    Views 7099

Extremus Pro

+23    A new simple game that will be a great addition to your collection. A 2D simple protect and kill your creature objective. It comes with extra features like our aquarium where you can simply watch and interact with our beloved species. It ...    27 MB    Views 6427
+1    Ready for an awesome game that will surely test your problem solving skills? Try this retro style block moving, super addictive strategy challenge. Features: Simple touch controls to move right, left, and jump. Simple gameplay but very challenging to master. Fun for all ages Compatible ...    18 MB    Views 951
calculator simple
+5    The best simple calculator ever The simple call for your everyday tasks. You can switch color by swiping up and down You can remove last digit The MiniGame , cool design and lots of functions If you have questions or offers, ...    5 MB    Views 1879


simple leaderboard
+26    Not everyone loves to recycle... especially if you're the one being recycled This little stack of papers isn't going down without a fight. Dodge blades, bounce pads, blocks and fans in this simple, but brutal one touch micro game Shred your ...    22 MB    Views 9750

Frenzy Lanes

lanes frenzy simple
-7    Are you ready for a fast & furious little game? Try Frenzy Lanes. You'll need to sort the animals into their correct lanes. Sound simple? Guess what, it'sn't going to be that simple.    9 MB    Views 1912


+11    Pixel Jumper is a simple game in which the player tries to jump over obstacles and run as far as they can. It is as simple as tapping the screen to jump. Are you up for the challenge?    3 MB    Views 5177

Shift Jump

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-5    Shift or jump, or perhaps shift and jump? This brand new fast pace reflex game, combines unforgiving levels and exciting music to make you think quick and react quicker. The rules are simple: manipulate the cube as it travels across the ...    18 MB    Views 8904


+17    Beautiful. Simple. Symmetrical. "...a new level of frustrating satisfaction." Pete Ozzy, Touch Arcade "It's sparkly and tough." In Symmetrica, you control two spaceships with a single tap in this unique game experience. Fly through space as you narrowly avoid dangerous obstacles ...    37 MB    Views 3883


+2    For how long can you survive? Avoid the other balls while keeping within the screen, it's that "simple" A simple physics based game, but that doesn't make it easy.    4 MB    Views 1016


+28    A simple operation, easy to fit the pixels of the wind small game, want to play good but not that simple    31 MB    Views 3114
blue simple
-7    Use quick reflexes to collect blue, and avoid white. The higher your score, the faster it gets Simple to play, hard to beat. Compete against friends on the global leaderboard    43 MB    Views 7020

FC Primitive Island

game simple
+29    As one of the most talked about game, The revision for the game can either take you back to the past, it will not ruin your memories. Because it is not a simple transplant, but a thorough revision. All games use ...    23 MB    Views 5995

Echo Evasion

+5    Fly through the cave, avoiding stalagmites along the way. Don't get caught in the dark Challenge your friends and see who can fly the furthest in this simple, yet addictive sidescrolling action game Featuring: • Simple Controls • Stunning Visuals • Exhilarating Audio • Endless Action • ...    11 MB    Views 4041

Bird Attack

+8    WATCH OUT Enemies ahead Extremely simple and fun Tap the screen to fly and fire together How long can you last before hitting something? Compete with your friends and challenge them Features: Game Center Support Catchy Soundtrack Simple Controls    13 MB    Views 4629

Flying Balloons !

simple game balloons
-1    The new one game on the App Store : really simple but so crazy and addicted The goal of the game is very simple : touch as many balloons to inflate your score :) Currently, you can download it ...    2 MB    Views 3424

It Doesn't End

-3    You think you're fast, eh? Well, prove it in It Doesn't End. LEDs will pop up on the screen and it's your job to keep them from going off the screen. Sounds simple, right? That's because it is simple. But it's ...    2 MB    Views 9541

Spooky Flight

0    BOOOOOOOOOOHH I would like to say it was the app of the week somewhere, but we shall see Fly as a little ghost through spinning blocks without hitting them. It looks simple, but see if you can get 3 starts ================================= • ...    7 MB    Views 4771

Bunny Leap

-3    Classic Retro Arcade Action Guide our hopping hero in the task of colouring each level. Would be simple if it weren't for the baddies, each type has their own unique behaviour. 50 levels of increasing difficulty. A variety of pickups are available ...    33 MB    Views 7823

Cupid's Arrow.

cupid simple arrow
-4    Back to the Simple Episode 3. Cupid's arrow is a simple shooting game. Let's try it.    5 MB    Views 4320
shooter space simple
+9    A simple space shooter. We must kill enemies and in the end the final boss. Traditional fantastic weapons, upgrades and boosters all for you. Have a good time.    NAN    Views 1563


boxing simple
-8    This is a very simple game with simple rules. Just need move your finger to left,right and down. Make the two bad men boxing for ever.    9 MB    Views 5398

Space Taxi

game simple
+9    SpaceTaxi is a simple arcade game develope by A&R Studio. The Main purpose of the game is to avoid the evil crab's spaceships. Drive well and Survive as long as possible This game looks very simple, but it will not be a piece ...    21 MB    Views 5488


simple run
-3    Get ready for a retro challenge as you run with Cora over 75 stages, across forests, ice ruins and dungeons. Simple one tap controls to make Cora jump, the longer you hold the higher she jumps. Simple to play, tricky to ...    14 MB    Views 4860
game simple
-2    This is probably the most simple game you've ever tried. Is it also the easiest?    3 MB    Views 2867

5 Birds

game simple
+8    Simple timing game Feature: Game Center Support Simple but Addictive gameplay Clear and nice graphic If you have an idea or option for this game, please send us the email.    3 MB    Views 1199

Jumping Kids

+8    Simple game, simple play style Feel on every touch to keep your character safe BE CARE: Don't spend too much time on flying rock.    17 MB    Views 7623

Atom Splitter Hd

+8    Can you save the city from nuclear annihilation? Find out now and take part in intense timed trials. The goal is simple; stop neutrons from colliding with Uranium for as long as possible. Completely free to play Features: 2 game modes Timed ...    54 MB    Views 6956

Race Connection

game simple
-5    Simple but fun care game Thrilling and exciting Let's see how far you can make it in a simple but enticing game    9 MB    Views 6249
-6    A simple yet addicting one finger arcade game. Put your finger on the screen and don't take it off. It's that simple except there is one more rule. Avoid all the bars that fall on you. Sounds easy enough. Try ...    7 MB    Views 9014

Hit No Wall

wall simple
+3    Your goal in this game is simple: try avoiding every wall. Simple enough right? Join Tok in an epic adventure towards the city in the far far distance through the gardens of his neighbours. Rewarding, a little bit addictive and above all: ...    10 MB    Views 5040

Robo Vader FREE

simple game
+22    Good old days. When dads were young, game were very simple. Games now a day are a little bit difficult, but if there were a retro simple game, I can play with my kids... Do you think so? This is for you.    44 MB    Views 2422


+14    The goal is simple, just keep on tapping the black squares Simple, intuitive and addicting Designed to use iOS 7's beautiful simple design. "This is literarily the best game I've played" John "Way more addicting than it looks" Debby "A must ...    2 MB    Views 1744
0    A simple game that helps you kill time on public transport or in a queue. You can take your children for a period of time when you are busy.    10 MB    Views 8275


simple fingers
-1    This is a unique escape games, specifically tailored for the fingers. According to the rhythm of the fingers sliding across the screen. Extremely simple to operate, only need thumb to slide, they can achieve beyond their own sense of achievement ...    3 MB    Views 8813

Poo On They Heads

+2    Drop surprises on unsuspecting people Simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay Simple controls Easy to learn, Hard to master Bright, colorful graphics    19 MB    Views 3704

Blobs Adventure

simple game
+12    Blob has crashed his space ship on Blobland, and must find a new rocket to escape before the Alienblobs catch him The latest game from TurboNUKE is a simple and fun tilting labyrinth style puzzler. The game takes you through grassy, ...    59 MB    Views 2911

Bouncy Cat !!

game simple
+30    Simple timing game Feature: Game Center Support Simple but Addictive gameplay Clear and nice graphic If you have an idea or option for this game, please send us the email.    2 MB    Views 1403


simple fantastic
+4    Simple but Fantastic. We believe in the beauty of simple things, this is an amazing and fantastic game that will get you in to a simple happiness with a lot of fun. overcome yourself    36 MB    Views 8809

Step Aside

step simple
+12    Run zig zag. "Step Aside" is a very simple classical game. Following the diagonal lines step by step as you can. Once you hesitate, you will lost your character. Don't freak out. You can just play again without a coin. Features ...    20 MB    Views 43

Space Warp

Related Apps space simple
+20    A old school space shooter. Destroy as many enemy ships as possible without losing all of your lives Game is simple to handle, just tap the left or right arrows to go in the desired direction. Simple And Free Enjoy Space Junkie ...    1005 kb    Views 1035

Ace Dino

dino simple ace
+26    Ace Dino is a physicsbased platformer that will challenge your dexterity. Control a cute little dino in a world of 360degree gravity. Navigate through the game from left to right and from top to bottom, making your way through the ...    21 MB    Views 2566

Invasion vla

invasion planet simple
+3    Here is Invasion. You will be transported into a role of planetary saviour in order to prevent a total invasion on our planet. Here is a simple game. Simple, but that will put your observation and speed to the test. Will ...    10 MB    Views 2668

Keep In Box

+8    Do you think you were playing and was the best in complex games? Let's look at this time? The game rule is simple: Click on the squares and follow them with your finger without lifting it off the screen. Sounds simple, but let's ...    7 MB    Views 704

Nine Squares

-2    A simple game of tapping on the corresponding coloured square and when a number appears, tap on the corresponding numbered square. Simple This is an ad supported app.    12 MB    Views 3006


seconds simple evade
+12    Simple rules, simple gameplay, damn hard. No one can get past 800 seconds Players who were first to beat the challenges: Bovax (US) 300+ seconds osero (JP) 400+ seconds leolix (FR) 500+ seconds Christian (FR) 700+ seconds The goal is simple, ...    5 MB    Views 290

Balloon Rise

simple rise
+5    How high can you rise without popping Features: ▪ Simple & Addictive ▪ Simple graphics & interface ▪ Optimised for iPhone 6 ▪ Smooth gameplay ▪ Leaderboard support ▪ Social network sharing    11 MB    Views 7518

4 Cats

game simple
+7    Simple timing game Feature: Game Center Support Simple but Addictive gameplay Clear and nice graphic If you have an idea or option for this game, please send us the email.    2 MB    Views 8916

Extremus Free

+2    A new simple game that will be a great addition to your collection. A 2D simple protect and kill your creature objective. It comes with extra features like our aquarium where you can simply watch and interact with our beloved species. It ...    29 MB    Views 9127
Related Apps game simple fly
+27    100% SIMPLE HARD GAME Penguins can't fly. This one thinks he can, can you survive the icy pole hazards? Simple 1 touch gameplay You know the drill, DO NOT CRASH Pay attention to your timing Game Center Leaderboards to brag on DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY ...    11 MB    Views 8915
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