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+28    Avoid The Yellow Stars How Far You Can Get There are 100 and more yellow stars are on the screen, try not to crush into them. But be careful this game will push your brain to the limits, observing and fast ...    3 MB    Views 1583
+7    For fans of the genre to present a mini platformer Features 3 worlds unique levels Supports Retina display About the Game Hi, friend My name is Paul. I love the dark and do not like bright stars, ...    15 MB    Views 2390

Star Catch!

+4    Save the Star Princess by catching all the stars. Each star propels you further, as long as you get the stars your quest continues. Miss a star and watch gravity pull you down. Save yourself a find another star or ...    18 MB    Views 4172

Frog Star

frog catching stars star
0    Have really fun with “FROG STAR". __ Froggy will help you catching all the stars that falls from the sky. __ The goal is getting the highest score while trying catching all the stars you can.    10 MB    Views 2841


Related Apps frog stars collect
+28    Go and have a challenge Meet the Frog from the pond. He need to collect all those stars to turn himself into a prince. How to Play: Tap on the screen to control the frog to jump over the water. Make your ...    45 MB    Views 9838
0    Save the universe by slinging the right stars across the universe in this galactic bubble puzzle game. Try it now in HD for FREE Match 3 like colored stars to explode them from the screen, watch out for supernovas and other ...    15 MB    Views 2001

Run in the stars

+7    Run in the stars, touch the yellow stars to reach the target Attention, don't touch the red stars, or you will lose Have fun It is suitable for children too COMING SOON: game center you need to buy IAP to unlock level 10    15 MB    Views 3219
+21    The enemy has appeared They are unexpectedly attacking from the air. Being an elite ninja, you need to beat up all your enemies with ninja stars, miss one and you will fail Try to complete the mission as fast as possible ...    10 MB    Views 9483

Avoid Blue Stars

Related Apps avoid stars
-7    Tap to Move Up Avoid collision with stars You Lose if you crash    4 MB    Views 5649

Popping Stars

+9    Popping stars is a hysterical free mobile toy that lets you compete with your friends to see who has the fastest shaking action. You have never seen anything as funny as your Gran trying to pop Kanye West's head. :) Choose from ...    15 MB    Views 6124
Related Apps stars collect
-3    Tap to fly and avoid obstacles. Collect stars along the way. How far can you flap? How many stars can you collect? Features: Three characters to choose from Each character reacts slightly different. Game Center enabled Background Music Keep on flapping    8 MB    Views 2514

Planet Clicker

planet stars
+22    Traveling through space find this planet throwing stars when touched. Tap the planet and collect as many stars in the shortest time possible.    22 MB    Views 1259

Rocket Cheese

stars cheese ship
-4    You are a rat in a space ship. Fly up to the stars, avoid your enemies, collecting cheesestars and upgrading your ship    15 MB    Views 9532
+3    Help the Galactic Glider fly through space while collecting stars to get the highest score he can before he plummets to his death How to play: Slide your finger to control your hero, collect stars and multipliers, avoid all other obstacles Enjoy    59 MB    Views 618

Drop Candy Ball

+17    This is absolutely yummy bouncing candy ball machine that may turn you into candy ball lover. Navigate and smash drop button to shoot your delicious candy ball towards amazing shining stars. Be the champion of stars collector and bounce into ...    25 MB    Views 1153

Ping Ping Face

scene ping stars face
+2    It is a simple and funny game. The face would fall scene by scene. So you can bounce it to get stars by swiping line in any angle. The stars you missed would be converted to blocks in next scene.    2 MB    Views 9621


-7    Our hero, iCool, it is captured in a parallel world by the evil Zarks. The only way to go home is to make this world more colorful and send the stars. Can you help him get out and escape the bad guys. ...    8 MB    Views 4894

A Purple Star

stars save purple modes game
0    Fun, Addictive and Intuitive gameplay. The Purple stars are in danger, can you save them? Easy to play touch the purple stars to save them. Avoid the other stars. Three game modes: Training to get to grips with the game Arcade ...    7 MB    Views 1966

When Stars Align

-9    You have been chosen to bring balance in the universe. Drag and drop the stars into your black hole. Does it sound simple? Universe is expanding faster and faster. We’ll see how many stars you can stop. And if you’re not good enough, maybe ...    80 MB    Views 4764

Ninja Dasher

-1    Tap the stars Help the ninjas stop the stars from falling past them    7 MB    Views 7660

Bot Run

platforms stars
+13    The game features randomly generated obstacles (4 different), platforms, and stars to collect :) The longer the player runs, the faster the platforms will move. Points are increased in 2 ways: running and collecting stars.    5 MB    Views 1709

Jumping Crabs

stars collect double
+19    It sounds easy but is not. Control the ball touching the left or right side of the screen . Doubletap to do a double jump . Find and collect all the stars and do not forget to dodge the enemies . Challenge your ...    9 MB    Views 7452
stars black collect bird
+14    Tap to fly, dodge obstacles and dive down to collect as many stars as you can. Experience a unique scoring system which encourages you to keep on going. Because after reaching a score of 10, 50 and 150 stars, the ...    11 MB    Views 2625
-5    Collect stars and use them to get new monsters, plants and planets. Feed your monsters with vegetables and fruits, take care of them or they will die. Watch life bars and grow your monsters community, reach other planets with the stars. Some ...    28 MB    Views 4047
+4    Warning : Super Addictive And Fun Gameplay Connect as many samecolored stars as possible.. Unlimited play, super awards and multiple game modes (time and moves) Become a puzzle superstar today    86 MB    Views 2703

Whack a Popstar

annoying whack pop stars hit
-9    You know how we love that game "whack a mole" will now we can whack some annoying pop stars How many annoying popstars can you hit don't hit Simon or you will live to regret it ...    94 MB    Views 8898

Catching Stars HD

+27    Tap the stars before they fall of the screen. The more you save the higher your score. Features: 6 fun characters Character Information High scores Live Backgrounds    16 MB    Views 246
game stars
+5    How to play: Touch to start the game Avoid the stars and stay within borders Download Now and Enjoy    15 MB    Views 645


Related Apps collect stars fly play
-6    A Simple and fun game to play. Fly and collect stars avoiding obstacles Instructions to Play: Tap to fly and tilt your device to change direction. Collect stars as quickly as possible.    36 MB    Views 3491

The Cat

cat obstacles level collect stars
0    They say that cats can’t fly? But that's not true Start a flight with a cat and collect stars, which you can then exchange for superpowers they will help you win and move on to the next level. Your goal: to ...    48 MB    Views 5503
Related Apps stars lucky game match
+14    The IMPOSSIBLE MATCHING GAME Switch and swipe the Stars Try and match four stars in a row.....become the lucky star and reach the highest score Features: GREAT FUN WITH FRIENDS – AND EDUCATION IN ONE GAME    9 MB    Views 3225


Related Apps stars collect
+10    Fly to the stars, watch out for the clouds and collect stars. Use the keys to move and collect them all Can you collect all stars and discover more levels? Lets find out    34 MB    Views 1999


sheep jumpy stars
+4    Who IS that jumpy sheep??? In Lambi you control an adorable sheep who wants to JUMP and get really far. You collect happy stars along the way that can give you the power to FLY These stars also allow you to unlock new COSTUMES ...    40 MB    Views 1617
ninja stars side
+6    WARNING: Playing this game might turn you into a ninja Simple to play. Hard to master. Swipe the Nerdy Ninja from side to side to avoid getting hit by ninja stars. Get addicted    14 MB    Views 8303


stars lives
+4    Welcome to StarStorm Shooting stars will fly across your screen and all you have to do is tap them Sounds easy right? Be careful as you only get 3 lives, but you may come across some magic stars which replenish your ...    16 MB    Views 6624
planet stars
+7    Traveling through space find this planet throwing stars when touched. Tap the planet and collect as many stars in the shortest time possible.    43 MB    Views 1113

Galactic Glider

-4    Help the Galactic Glider fly through space while collecting stars to get the highest score he can before he plummets to his death How to play: Slide your finger to control your hero, collect stars and multipliers, avoid all other obstacles Note ...    59 MB    Views 8356

chickNegg HD

game stars additional lives
-8    Help chickN make his way home... Navigate through the various levels, firing his power stars to destroy any obstacles that come his way. A fun filled, addictive yet simple arcade game for all ages. How many points can you score before you either ...    7 MB    Views 6667

Bunker Defense

bunker stars earn defense
+4    Welcome soldier Your mission is simple...defend the bunker The less damage the bunker takes, the more stars you earn. Earn stars to upgrade the turret. Bunker Defense is easy to learn and fun to play.    13 MB    Views 1248

Hoppin' Hedgehog

hedgehog stars
-9    Hoppin’ Hedgehog is a game about Gloria the Hedgehog. Gloria wants to hop her way to the stars. Is there an end, and will Gloria ever find it? The gameplay is very simple: tap to jump and help Gloria make ...    5 MB    Views 3071

Save Stars

Related Apps save stars obstacles
+16    SAVE THE STARS Fight through the universe. Use all your skill to keep the stars from all dangers and obstacles and break the highest score. Will a physics help you or harm you? Try to save them as many as you can ...    15 MB    Views 2195
Related Apps fun collect stars high snowman
0    The Snowman are on a quests to collect stars but the Evil samurai has other plans. Collect stars to increase your life count. A pure fun fun and fun. +Simple Tilt Controls +GameCenter For High Scores +Collect Stars, Have Fun, fly the high. +Multiplayer ...    19 MB    Views 8768

Star Annoyer

star stars
0    Feeling a little bit bored? Nothing to do? Hate stars? Want to waste your time? Then why not to try Star Annoyer? Star Annoyer allows to experience process of annoying and killing many galactic stars. It is very challenging: you have to ...    9 MB    Views 4660

Dodge Star

dodge system stars star
-2    Get a extremer fun with Dodge Star than classic Dodge Avoid many stars flying to you. a variety of patterns of stars, such as Normal, Faststar, Boomer, and Fireworks, will attack you. Characteristics The specialized keypad for Dodge. 2 player system ...    1 MB    Views 3158

One To Grow

+15    Guide your shooting star as you collect floating yellow stars across the sky and avoid red stars. Features _______________________________________________________ Peaceful Gameplay Beautiful Score    28 MB    Views 3313
stars universe stellar free
+6    Save the universe by slinging the right stars across the universe in this galactic bubble puzzle game. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE Match 3 like colored stars to explode them from the screen, watch out for supernovas and other stellar bonuses ...    17 MB    Views 6699
Related Apps balls stars scores
-7    Collect 3 or more balls with the same color, and be creative in trajectory. Rebounding from a wall will help achieve more scores and stars. Bonuses will help in difficult situations. The new harder level will appear only if you ...    14 MB    Views 5165

Space Quest!

aliens rocket space stars
+29    Guide your rocket through space by tilting your device left and right and stop the aliens invading earth. Collect stars and ammo along the way. Use the stars to upgrade your rocket and weapons in the store. Avoid collisions with any aliens.    8 MB    Views 8396

Space Rocket Blast

Related Apps flying space stars blast
+11    Fly through the stars in your intergalactic star cruiser Blast asteroids, aliens, and even giant flying space octopuses Battle loads of enemies Collect thousands of powerup stars Find the Rare and Amazing Flying Fish of Awesome High ...    22 MB    Views 3960

Dream Spy

stars game
+3    Chase the stars in this fast paced arcade game Connect the stars and avoid the clouds before the time is up... it's that easy See how many stars you can catch Thank you for supporting the Indie game development scene    3 MB    Views 577

Space Draw

Related Apps space draw astronaut stars screen
-3    Space Draw is a fun game set in space. It all happens very fast: you're in space, you're an astronaut and, oops, you're falling. You control the astronaut movement by drawing on the screen. Just remember to avoid aliens and reach ...    9 MB    Views 1825


switch twins twin stars
+9    Twins are here with the addictive never ending game of catching stars: and now they have doubled the difficulty Can you handle it? How long can you keep them safe? Help : Tap left to switch the Blue twin ,right to switch the Orange ...    51 MB    Views 4254
Related Apps ninja stars
+18    Help the ninja escape How to play: > Tap and move the ninja > Dodge the moving ninja stars > Keep alive as long as possible and share with friends. Fun for everyone of all ages. Get it FREE today    21 MB    Views 2279
stars flappy characters
+7    Christmas Offer FREE DOWNLOAD Flappy Stars is one of the best episode from the "Flappy Games" series. The aim of the player is to move up or down the character, keeping it away from obstacles, by touching the screen, and ...    4 MB    Views 7725

Block Ninjas

stars throwing side ninjas
-1    How long can you survive? Hit the evil red ninjas with your throwing stars, but don't let them touch you Use coins in the shop to upgrade and become the ultimate ninja Directions: Tap the left side of the screen to jump, the ...    3 MB    Views 5108
stars pump balloon
-9    Tap and hold to pump some air into the balloon. Release and you go, fly up to the sky and beyond... While flying to can move to the left and right and collect the stars. When you have enough stars visit the ...    12 MB    Views 3588

Insane Snowboarding

speed stars insane
+4    Do you have what it takes to face this insane challenge? Go down a mountain on a snowboard while dodging trucks, trees, wild animals and even UFOs Here are some tips to get really high scores Don't slow down The score ...    22 MB    Views 178

Catch The Stars

Related Apps stars catch
+2    How well are your reflexes and focus? Test your abilities while having fun, playing Catch The Stars Try to catch the good stars while avoiding bad ones. There are 4 categories, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 where first ones you ...    41 MB    Views 3892

Bubble Shoot Stars

Related Apps shoot game bubble mode stars
-2    Bubble Shoot Stars An amazing bubble shoot game comes with your iPhone. Download and enjoy this game How to play: Touch the screen to shoot the ball to the balls with same color to make them explode. The nice features of ...    5 MB    Views 9345
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