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Best Survival zombie zombies Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

Angry Zombie Balls

+12    Beware of the Angry Zombie Balls An experiment with zombies has gone terribly wrong and an endless number of zombie heads are being created. They are looking to escape and wreak havoc on the city unless you can diffuse and ...    17 MB    Views 454
zombie survival rule virus infected zombies
0    There are two rules when dealing with Zombies: Rule 1 – Don’t get infected. Rule 2 – See rule 1 The Zombie horde is chasing you but you can prevent infection by crushing each virus before it gets you. Keep your blood healthy ...    30 MB    Views 3252
zombie environments stunning zombies
+3    Experience awesome, fastpaced, visually stunning zombie shooting action in this addictive First Person Shooter Arcade ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE The world has collapsed. The military carried out an experiment over soldiers for a survivor guideline against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. FEATURES Get the best out of ...    41 MB    Views 9622
+4    The turtle zombie apocalypse has begun and the fate of all turtlekind rests in your green, leathery claws Zombie Turtle Defense is a fast and fun dualstick survival/shooter game with three unique game modes: Kill the Zombie Turtles, Collect the Turtle ...    13 MB    Views 4848
zombie zombies
-2    Your mission is to contain or terminate all flesh eating, brain sucking zombies in an underground science lab before they have a chance to escape to the outside world. Zombies can climb walls so you will need to use your ...    19 MB    Views 9725
zombie survival music cartoon action ipad zombies game granny mode hordes items difficulty story weapons
-2    The Zombies are in town, and its up to you to send them back to where they came from You start playing as a lovable granny, but don't be fooled by appearances This granny is really kickass Collect different weapons, ...    55 MB    Views 9037

Zombie Fields Free

zombie survival maps version free fight play full fields mode
+8    In Zombie Fields, you are one of two heroes, a brother and sister named Xander Creed and Vera Creed. Both are mercenaries living in a world overrun by zombies and various other types of undead creatures. They used to fight ...    60 MB    Views 7723
zombie aliens funky zombies
+26    The earth is invaded by aliens Funky the zombie felt threaten by the aliens. Funky and his friend zombies is going to kick the aliens out of their territory Fight the aliens with your zombie ooze now    26 MB    Views 5424
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0    This is a very awesome and addictive survival sniper game (free) with amazing 3d graphics, for the people who loves the first person shooter genre. As a veteran marine commander you are alone in the frontline. So take your sniper, look ...    55 MB    Views 7260
+5    Zombie Cannon Blast is Awesome Aim the cannon in the right direction Fire cannon balls toward the zombie heads Blow up Zombies Features: Challenge yourself Try to beat your friends Game Center Support Blowing up zombies is fun    33 MB    Views 6884
Related Apps zombie facebook survival zombies follow enjoy city unlimited missions story high
+7    Love blowing the brains out stupid zombies?.. Make your unique strategy plan and defend your city through 30 LEVELS dont let the zombies get to the boxes Its a pure battlefield Clash where you will defend the city of the ...    12 MB    Views 9625
zombie shooting games survival research city cowboy free zombies special finally
-3    Back in the heyday period than many people would imagine. The shooting lessons, horseback riding or cowboy bebop. And the city was filled with many cowboy wars. But then the story takes place on a secret research. And causing a ...    41 MB    Views 5776
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-5    Nowadays the Dead are everywhere. Certainly in the real world they are resting in peace, but in the virtual worlds (in a lot of them at least) they escaped, and they are walking around as zombies. End even they are ...    41 MB    Views 7398
Related Apps zombie casual survival sheep game world great
-5    Sheep Zombie Survival Great simple casual game that will keep you entertained for hours to come You are a lonely sheep deserted in the field. It is the end of the world (cause of the zombies uprising) You need to survive it as ...    1 MB    Views 6051
Related Apps time zombie zombies
-6    If you like zombies and fun games or just want to kill some time try matching zombie heads. You can choose your time to play each short round in 20, 40, or 60 seconds and get a high score by ...    7 MB    Views 8330
zombie mode zombies darkness
-1    Fight through the veil of darkness that covers the world in despicable horror... Explore cities, castles, graveyards, and various lands as you run through the mists in this retro masterpiece. Eight riveting levels with updates in the works incredibly exciting with many ...    73 MB    Views 1672
Related Apps zombie zombies weapons
+4    The zombies have invaded the world, stinking it up with the scent of the dead. As the only person alive, you must go trough each level and kill the zombies. So pick up your weapons and go in this amazing ...    23 MB    Views 9125
zombie game x2605 zombies
-5    &x2605 EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER UNLOCKED &x2605 &x2605 THIS GAME HAS NO IN GAME ADS &x2605 Zombies are on a rampage and its up to you to stop them Armed with a cowboy hat and a pistol, its you against huge army of ...    24 MB    Views 2603
+15    Zombies have taken over the streets and it is now up to you, a survivor of this harsh world, to destroy the zombie infestation. You kill Zombies or be eaten by them Use your deadly crossbow and slingshot to defeat the ...    59 MB    Views 6800

Just a Zombie Lite

zombie survival items mode item zombies stage game warming
-5    They're coming Zombie endless The town was occupied by a zombie.. Get rid of all the moving in zombies In order to survive How to Play Zombies and the matching can be removed by pressing challenge If you yourself to improvisation and ranking Try to register The ...    5 MB    Views 8904

Zombie Road Rash

zombie car survival zombies weapons powers powerful watch exclusive destructive youtube
+2    Zombie Road Rash is an addictive zombie survival game The rule is simpleWhen zombies are following your car, you have no option but to escape from bloody & hungry zombie hordes otherwise you are dead. Upgrade exclusive cars with more destructive weapons. ...    36 MB    Views 1951

Dead on Arrival 2

zombie survival multiplayer fight survive horde unlock intense ammo bucks friends
-5    Intense cooperative zombie survival PLEASE NOTE: Not compatible with iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th gen. Tear through wave after wave of the walking dead as you fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies. ...    150 MB    Views 9679
zombie zombies bite run
+23    Ready to start zombies apocalypse? Welcome We are glad to present you new endless runner game where you play for zombie which escaped from the lab and has extreme hunger to brains You should run, you should bite humans to turn them ...    NAN    Views 7592

Zombie Typomaniac

Related Apps zombie health survival skill player mode game gameplay town levels arcade entertaining quick
+2    "Because the World Needs More ZombieThemed Typing Games. It really does." Kotaku "Your keyboard is the killzone" Pocket Gamer Spookville, Oregon is a quaint, picturesque little town with just one tiny problem… it's infested with zombies An entertaining take on the ...    31 MB    Views 9053

Just a Zombie

-4    They're coming Zombie endless The town was occupied by a zombie.. Get rid of all the moving in zombies In order to survive How to Play Zombies and the matching can be removed by pressing challenge If you yourself to improvisation and ranking Try to register The ...    5 MB    Views 7134

Zombie Chickens

zombie facebook chickens zombies
+23    Zombie Chickens are invading the forest. Swipe your finger across the screen to slash the zombies. Be careful of the barrels as they are explosive and will end your battle Unlock and upgrade cool powerups like slow motion, invincibility , and ...    38 MB    Views 2475
zombie puzzle match zombies
+11    This could be the fight of your life. Play smart and use your memory it is your best weapon against these undead creatures. Earn points for each match you make. You must match all the Zombies before time runs out. ...    25 MB    Views 2779
+3    Get ready for the zombie apocalypse, defeating as many zombies as you can Triggerman is an arcade survival game and everything you need to do is tapping as fast as you can, it is not easy to be pro, so beat ...    28 MB    Views 4246

Zombie Shock Again

zombie survival shooting action zombies game unique weapons stages attacking
+4    Blow away your stress with ZombieShock Now Free (ads version) Download it "Zombie Shock is still a great action oriented title with castle defense elements that make this an extremely addictive title to own." [5/5], Andrew Nesvadba "The game is ...    48 MB    Views 5519
zombie shoot zombies screen
+5    Zombies are flying across the screen. Shoot them out of the sky and watch the blood splatter Fantastically addicting Zombies are launched from a catapult and the fly across your screen while you shoot them. Challenge your friends for the highest score. Download now ...    20 MB    Views 3549

Zombie Pro

Related Apps zombie zombies pro kill
+3    Zombie Pro is homage to Zombies in Fiction. Players will encounter direct combat with Zombies on 6 different lands. They must kill them all to survive. Create records by killing maximum zombies and share with others through Game Center. In Zombie Pro ...    34 MB    Views 5182

Lawnmower Frenzy

zombie zombies frenzy
+5    Jack woke up one day and all other people around him turned into zombies. The only thing he has left is his old lawnmower. The thing is reliable, but unfortunately it uses a lot of gas. He knows he won't ...    18 MB    Views 5599
Related Apps iphone survival military wifi zombie game zombies city support mode agents mission players attack
-3    SUPPORT iPHONE OS 4.0 and GAME CENTER Attack from the Dead is updated to iOS 4.0 and added Game Center. Now you can submit your score in Survival mode to Game Center's Leaderboard and compare with other players. Attack From the Dead ...    15 MB    Views 149

Zombie Hell

Related Apps zombie effect zombies survive
-5    This is a popular 3D shooting game, hordes of zombies lunged toward to you, in order to survive you can only rely on the gun in your hands. As much as possible to kill zombies, and get more weapons, ammunition ...    47 MB    Views 8727

HangZombie Ad

Related Apps zombie zombies support
+13    HangZombie is a new generation of hangman game. Zombies appear in whole village === Features === Over 2000 words (with 14 categories) Zombie maker system (8 zombies) Two difficulties (hard for choosing 2nd transform of zombie) Stunning graphics & horrible sound ...    3 MB    Views 4462
Related Apps zombie time survival mode game punch distance accuracy face
+13    HEYYY Lets find out your accuracy and shooting skill about punching It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the face to smash Zombies. Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival ...    10 MB    Views 5419
Related Apps zombie home survival game hand zombies button city fight combat turned
-4    Derek Galloway is a retired U.S navy seal serviceman; who is now living a peaceful and happy life with his beautiful wife Julia. One day when he comes home; his world turned upside down and his vision got blurred by ...    81 MB    Views 95
+2    It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the face to smash zombies . Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival Mode Time Mode Distance Mode Survive as long as ...    12 MB    Views 8866

Zombie Bash

zombie bash zombies
+25    Zombie Bash is iPhone 5 and iOS6 ready Zombie Bash is a graveyard SMASH Tired of shooting zombies? Why not try bashing them instead The grisly and gruesome zombies have escaped from deep within the underworld. It's now your job to ...    13 MB    Views 9457

Zombie Times Lite

zombie times zombies
+6    We’ve prepared a surprise for you zombie fans and it is our pleasure to present a fascinating journey through time and space. From ancient times, to the distant future, in every corner of the planet, we will see zombies. They ...    39 MB    Views 1218

Zombie High 3D

school iphone multiplayer zombie survival shooting ipad horror mode weapons high game zombies story edward coming epic
+2    FROM THE CREATORS OF PRISON BREAK CRAFT 3D AND SKYCRAFT 3D Here comes the Best Action Horror FPS Game. New Story New Characters New Weapons This amazing new game is filled with intense actions and spooky horror scenes. If you are ...    209 MB    Views 2338

Zombies vs. Sheep

twitter music survival shooting sheep zombies gameplay fun game shoot mode enemies
+2    Tap to shoot Tilt to move Shake to reload Check out the gameplay movie PRESS COMMENTS "This is easily one of the best casual games on the iPhone platform." "The folks at put out a winner. It’s a lot of fun." "Zombies vs. Sheep ...    10 MB    Views 8809

Zombie Crush 2015

zombie crush zombies humans
-1    Zombies have invaded your mobile screen Use your fingers to crush them and save humans. How to play: Click on the zombies to crush them. Do not press on humans. Drag power ups to the area where you want to act. Game Features: ...    33 MB    Views 5313
multiplayer survival fps maps zombie map game weapons worldwide block system guns modes zombies
+8    ►► FREE BLOCK SURVIVAL SHOOTER GAME with WORLDWIDE MULTIPLAYER►► Kill block monsters, zombies, boss robots with your various weapons. Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes and Grenades etc.. ► MISSION MODES + 3 GAME MODES ► MULTIPLAYER COMBAT Craft powerful weapons gathering materials from zombies ...    50 MB    Views 2916
Related Apps ipad games survival jump play bursting mode zombies features reach sky hero
+11    It's time for the most gory, absurd and loud Xmas ever Unleash the true power of your Vuvuzela to smash hordes zombies, play carols to the rhythm of bursting guts and jump over bloody brains until you reach the sky. Features ...    13 MB    Views 1129
video survival zombie game zombies guide
0    Decay is the popular zombiesurvival game Play the game with different strategies, survive every stage in the zombie apocalypse virtual game. Then this is the ONLY app you will need HERE'S WHAT YOU GET ==================== Features : Detailed video game guide Video walkthroughs how to build Defensible home ...    34 MB    Views 8241
zombie zombies
-4    Residents of the city has become a zombie all Survive from the attack of the zombies Let's kill the zombies by using the minigun. Weapons such as flamethrowers and rocket launcher comes up in other minigun. Let's overwhelm the zombies with a powerful weapon Zombie ...    55 MB    Views 3970
survival zombie levels game difficulty pure apocalypse stand enemies
+7    The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse is an action game where you must try to survive from zombie hordes through many different areas and 3 difficulty levels. You can use different weapons each one with own properties. Two game modes, Campaign and Survival ...    57 MB    Views 5011
Related Apps zombie film survival clones control character mode skills upgrades innovative
0    From the creators of last year’s smash hit Last Stand comes The Clones of Corpus, where epic zombie gore meets film noire. You control a soldier clone created by Corpus Corp in a zombie apocalypse, and it's just some wooden blockades ...    43 MB    Views 4941
zombie zombies lots
-7    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED LOTS OF BLOOD AND GORE It's the end of the world.... zombies have taken over and now its just up to you and a few friends to try and wipe out the zombie population. ...    16 MB    Views 2294

Granny vs Zombies

Related Apps zombie survival cartoon music zombies granny game hordes mode weapons difficulty player story
+1    The Zombies are in town, and its up to you to send them back to where they came from You start playing as a lovable granny, but don't be fooled by appearances This granny is really kickass Collect different weapons, items, cash, ...    69 MB    Views 5523
Related Apps zombie smasher killer zombies
0    NOW ALL LEVELS UNLOCKED ZOMBIES FIGHTING HARDER THAN EVER ZSmasher is a 2D action game. You are a human and you have kill evil zombies by serving hard punches while avoiding obstacles. Are you the ultimate Zombie killer? ...    10 MB    Views 4094
zombie united zombies states
-6    THE UNITED STATES OF ZOMBIES (USZ) When the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse suddenly strikes the United States, the government is ready. A classified program codenamed Project Zeta has been secretly cloning the greatest heroes of America’s past to form an army of ...    23 MB    Views 5978

Zombie Bits

zombie survival jump run levels game modes bit life center zombies
-6    ✓ 2D Arcade style zombie chase ✓ Simple tap controls to jump and slide ✓ 20 intense levels ✓ 2 Games modes / levels and survival ✓ Game Center ✓ iPhone 5 support ✓ 8bit art ✓ ZOMBIES Run, jump, slide and bounce your way to safety in ...    NAN    Views 1604

Undead Ahead

Related Apps survival earn undead zombies
+30    Welcome The world has been overrun by zombies. You are one of just a few survivors. Drive your car down the freeway as you try to escape oncoming hordes of zombies in this fast paced survival game. Earn multiple types of powerups ...    14 MB    Views 8562

The Tossing Dead

zombie mode zombies unlock
+29    Slash, shoot and explode your way through hordes of Zombies The BEST Zombie Slashing game on the App Store All your favorite action gameplay plus Gory 3D Graphics & Guns Features: Story Mode Motion Comic Cutscenes, Unlockable Weapons & Tons of ...    142 MB    Views 6398
zombie zombies
0    Your mission is to contain or terminate all flesh eating, brain sucking zombies in an underground science lab before they have a chance to escape to the outside world. Zombies can climb walls so you will need to use your ...    19 MB    Views 6074
Related Apps zombie survival usa weapons check version lite
+6    Welcome to Zombieville USA When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do go through their pockets and look for loose change As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it's up to ...    24 MB    Views 6345
Related Apps zombie survival action time gun zombies game weapons play ultimate survive virus
+21    Killer zombies are coming your way. Many people think they can survive the zombie outbreak. Well, can you? Welcome to the Ultimate Zombie Survival. STORY In the old days, the zombie virus could only be spread when you were bitten by one ...    14 MB    Views 2105
zombie weapons zombies free
+1    Zombie Vendetta redefines the term hit man, tap the zombies to stay alive. Each level increases in challenge as weapons including a handgun, a shotgun, and grenades are unlocked. Don’t fear when you run out of ammo, you still have ...    12 MB    Views 2154
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