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Assault Shooter

+5    It's year 3451 and aliens have invaded our planet. You are one of the few survivors left. Try to survive as long as you can and destroy their ships. Defend 4 different warzones against alien invasions until you eliminate all ...    15 MB    Views 7357

Eye Will Survive!

eye survive
+15    Circles, bullets, shurikens, rockets, saws & time ... they're all after you Eye Will Survive is a psychedelic evader which tests both your dexterity and your nerves in a fastpaced punishing environment that keeps pushing your limits. Eye Will Survive puts 60 ...    NAN    Views 9995

Falling Bird Arcade

survive game bird
+7    Help the little bird to survive Difficult and addictive game Don't get pierced in a stake Endless game mode. How much time can you survive?    3 MB    Views 9694
zombie survive battle game pilot
+2    Zombie Pilot is a classic endless flying Game Battle through the humans trying to take you down and survive to live another day. Do you have the drive to survive? Battle with enemy Jet Fighters, Attack Choppers, Bombers, and Tanks The twist is that ...    28 MB    Views 8433
Related Apps jump game survive drive
-3    A fun and challenging game where you drive your car on pothole filled streets (just like real life) trying to survive for as long as possible. Collect power ups to jump destroyed bridges or use them to jump the pesky ...    29 MB    Views 31

Zombie Crack

+23    If you want to see another day, kill them Last night, after the meteor shower people around have turned into zombies. If you want to survive, you have to leave this town Grab whatever you can, kill the zombies and leave ...    21 MB    Views 4725


survive triangles long
-3    An arcade game as it is in books You have to shoot the evil triangles in order to survive. More and more triangles from the strange universe are coming, how long can you survive? Try to survive as long as you can and ...    26 MB    Views 4445

Starbase Defender

waves survive defender
+17    Will your starbase survive an alien attack? You are the last defender of an aging starbase. Reinforcements won't make it in time to help. Blast your way through up to 50 waves of enemies, meteors, and bosses to achieve ultimate ...    52 MB    Views 9143


game weapon survive
-2    GrabShooter is a nervous 2D spaceship shooter game. Take time to learn how to play with the tutorial and try to survive through a hard gameplay for fun or scoring objectives. Shoot, fetch bonus to increase your weapon and grab enemies ...    8 MB    Views 2894

Toddy Toadfish

+2    It's a lonely underwater world if you're born as a toadfish, but you do your best to survive. Avoid anything bigger than you and gobble up everything else that is smaller than you to survive. Good Luck and have fun For more titles ...    5 MB    Views 4170
sharks shoot survive hungry
+16    Hungry sharks are coming to get you Shoot, shoot, shoot....avoid hitting the dolphins. Watch the radar for incoming sharks, swipe and rotate 360 degrees. Use the bomb button to blow away sharks if the action gets too intense. How long can you ...    54 MB    Views 4723

Bacteria evolution

bacteria survive
-7    Survive as long as you can, consume erythrocytes, thrombocytes and avoid leukocytes to survive. Evolve to perfection and dominate human blood system. Control bacteria with analog stick.    2 MB    Views 1229

Aliens invasion

0    Escape the aliens and help the spaceman to survive as long as possible. To help you, use the bubble, this bonus will allow you to survive an alien attack. Use "WalkandPlay" if you want play looking through the phone.    4 MB    Views 3652

Super Pixel Run

+1    By the same people despaired by Flappy Bird... here comes Pixel Run. Simple graphics like Minecraft. Full addiction. This is the year 2150. Virtual reality dominates the world and each mind has to endure incredible trainings to survive in the gigantic corporations. The ...    30 MB    Views 4537

Jump Emoji!

Related Apps jump survive long
-4    Help Jump and Chump avoid the enemies and survive as long as possible. How long will you survive?    16 MB    Views 6149

Snowman Attack Hit

snowman long hit survive
+21    Escape the melting heat and help the snowman survive as long as possible How to Play: 1. Drag the snowman with your finger 2. Survive as long as possible without getting hit 3. Share with Friends Fun for everyone of all ages. Try it out ...    19 MB    Views 2962


-4    Control the white dot to dodge the spikes. Collect the magic balls to help you survive longer How long can you survive ?    3 MB    Views 3539

Keep the Castle

castle defend wave survive
+29    Survive wave after wave of attacks and defend your castle as long as you can Train, upgrade, defend; survive. Got a suggestion? Contact me via my website: Featuring music by Waterflame (Known for 'Geometry dash', 'Castle crashers' and many, many more.)    27 MB    Views 5457


survive hedgehog birds
+28    RuBirds are rude birds. They have very little time for the hedgehog. Help him survive by knocking the RuBirds away and beat your high score. Hedgehog has some powers of his own to help in his plight. Challenging and fun for ...    32 MB    Views 4946

Wave Mania

wave mania survive level
+22    Wave Mania is a new action game from Scorpion Systems Group. Wave Mania's hero, Dr. Wave, has twentyfive different levels to survive. Use Dr. Wave's blasting power shock waves to win points, survive and escape to the next level. And the next level ...    27 MB    Views 8997

Zombies 8 Me

Related Apps zombies order levels survive
+7    Experience the world of Z8Me, repel the horde of zombies and try to survive How fast are your reactions? Explore more then 130 levels, with increasing difficulty. Unlock 8 weapons and 21 different skills, and combine them in order to finish all ...    87 MB    Views 3653

Mr. Lee vs. Zombies

Related Apps zombie lee survive
0    You're Mr. Lee, The Kung Fu Master. Use your skill to survive a zombie outbreak. Two Game Modes: Normal and Classic. How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?    42 MB    Views 1911

Dash Core

survive dash spikes
+4    Try to dash through enemy spikes as you try to unlock ALL available dashers. Survive longer and win new dashers, the objective is to drag your dasher through the falling spikes and survive as long as possible. Features: Character select for ...    47 MB    Views 8914

Hunger Craft

0    "Four to five star app" Jump over spikes while trying to survive in the wild. Don't get hit too many time or you will die. Collect special orbs to give you amazing power ups So come in the wild and ...    25 MB    Views 7894
0    Fun, addictive and challenging Escape sharks and make sure you survive as long as possible Features: Highly addictive Simple yet challenging Great graphics Survive as long as possible Good luck and have fun    13 MB    Views 2809

A Circle's World

survive universe
+1    Survive.. Desperate Degenerate Universe. You are an insignificant square. Survive.. Alone in a pitied universe. No hope. Survive.. Survive.. Survive..    18 MB    Views 5318
0    Keeping yourself alive has never been easy. How long can you survive? Check it out. How to Play: Drag the plane left or right. Avoid and destroy the enemies. Upgrade your planes. Go as far as you can Challenge your friends in Game Center and share your ...    18 MB    Views 5461
survive storm hamster
0    Will you survive the cuteness? How to play: Tap Left or Right to move your Hamster. Collect the bonus Cake and Ice Blocks for an extra surprise Brief: Avoid & dodge the rush of falling kittens from the storm in this sensational arcade pixel flick Can ...    9 MB    Views 3780

Zombie Gun Down

Related Apps zombie gun survive dead
+21    Inspired by The Walking Dead. Zombie Apocalypse is here and walkers are everywhere. There is nowhere to hide and the only way to survive is to kill the dead before they get to you and eat your brains. Brace yourself and survive the ...    36 MB    Views 9384
arrive zombies survive
-7    Warning Zombies This game gonna drive you crazy, you're going to have nightmares. Arrive you survive this invasion ? Arrive to beat the best players in the world ? Already trying to survive more than 3 minutes    64 MB    Views 6832

Orb Survive

orb survive
-4    Orb Survive is a game that tests your skills and reflexes for an incredible journey of overcoming Beware don't let the Orb touch the corners of the screen or fade    5 MB    Views 654

Move them NOW!

Related Apps survive tap
+14    Tap Tap Don't fall into the gap 9 out of 10 blocks will fade, you must survive to this fading process to gain points, survive as much as you are able to.    3 MB    Views 8080


+3    Survive the zombiz apocalypse Will you have enough ammo to escape being eaten ? Buy more weapons in the store and survive the more you can to the zombie invasion    26 MB    Views 1595

Icicle Attack

attack survive points
-2    Experience a simple arcade game like no other Stuck deep in the ice cave, control your confused character for as long as you can before an icicle impales you. The longer you survive, the more points you get. However, the ...    13 MB    Views 7340
-9    After the virus attack everyone was turned into zombies. They are now the living dead. But like humans they still need to survive. Help them live by shooting the enemies and collecting coins for strength upgrade. Remember this is not ...    14 MB    Views 3284
long survive soldier escape
+7    Escape the mines and help the soldier survive as long as possible How to Play: 1. Drag the soldier with your finger 2. Survive as long as possible without getting hit 3. Share with Friends Fun for everyone of all ages. Try it out for ...    15 MB    Views 2271
-6    In a world where cavemen and dinosaur has to live together, only the toughest will survive. However, there are cuddly little dinos who only want to play and fill their stomach with delicious fruits and mouth watering animal meat. They ...    46 MB    Views 5235

Bouncy Slime

survive longer jelly
-7    This little Jelly needs you help to survive It keeps drowning over and over, only you can keep it safe... Jump higher, survive longer and never give up Collect little jelly blobs to survive longer for the next round    12 MB    Views 4771

The Last Attempt

survive play rod
-4    This is simple but tricky game. You have to play and manage three games simultaneously. You have to balance ball on the rod, escape rod from spikes and help packman to eat dots. You have to play well to survive. You can’t ...    8 MB    Views 7496
+7    Survive as long as you can by avoiding the circle segments. Maybe the hardest game ever Now with an ONLINE RANKING SYSTEM Compare you times with those of your friends and and try to climb the highscore ladder.    4 MB    Views 585
survive asteroids fire
+8    "Survive the Asteroids" is an arcade shooter where you have to survive through an asteroids belt. Agility and good management of your fires are the key to survive as long as possible. Simple controls: >>Lean your device left or right to move your ...    32 MB    Views 4082


survive tunnels long
+25    Journey through beautiful, dangerous dimensions as you explore the Dreamverse. Glide through tunnels and leap over chasms as entire worlds form and crumble around you. How long will you survive in the Dreamverse? Guide your craft through surreal, mazelike environments ...    59 MB    Views 1883

Love Zooka

love dark shoot day survive
-2    It's Valentine's day But Someone really hates this day : The Dark Evil Witch Please save your girlfriend and Survive in the name of Love With your Super LoveZooka, use the Love Power to shoot the "Hate Balls". These dark minions cannot ...    7 MB    Views 6577
Related Apps zombie dead survive game
+27    Inspired by The Walking Dead. Zombie Apocalypse is here and walkers are everywhere. There is nowhere to hide and the only way to survive is to kill the dead before they get to you and eat your brains. Brace yourself and survive the ...    46 MB    Views 7570
Related Apps avoid longer missiles survive
+5    Survive as long as you can, avoiding the flying missiles and obstacles. The longer it takes, the more difficult it becomes with new missiles. See who has recorded the highest score with friends Are you really sure you can avoid it? Each airplane has ...    15 MB    Views 1596

Space Gravitix

Related Apps survive space
+5    In space, no one can hear you....getting sliced up Move throwing your grappling hook to the enemies. Do not touch them Try to survive as long as you can LIMITED OFFER: IF YOU SURVIVE 1 MINUTE, ADS WILL BE DISABLED FOR FREE HANG ON    34 MB    Views 7854

Fly Little Plane!

fly plane survive
-4    Fly Little Plane is a challenging game of a pilot navigating through buildings to survive How long can you survive? How to play: Tap the screen to fly upwards with your plane and to stay inair. Download today and claim your highscore    12 MB    Views 4262


man attack survive true conquer
0    Control your aircraft well to avoid badly attack all over you and keep it as long as you can. The longer you survive, the higher title you will get. Be the "True Man" A true man can conquer everything. Cross ...    10 MB    Views 9444

Zombie Hell

Related Apps zombie effect zombies survive
-2    This is a popular 3D shooting game, hordes of zombies lunged toward to you, in order to survive you can only rely on the gun in your hands. As much as possible to kill zombies, and get more weapons, ammunition ...    47 MB    Views 8727

Nerdy Bumps Pro

fast survive
-7    Before you react, think fast in this casual arcade game If you are a great lover of fastpaced games, then Nerdy here presents you and sets up a challenge for your survival You have to simply tap and help Nerdy to survive How ...    2 MB    Views 1743
Related Apps zombie survive dead game
0    Inspired by The Walking Dead. Zombie Apocalypse is here and walkers are everywhere. There is nowhere to hide and the only way to survive is to kill the dead before they get to you and eat your brains. Brace yourself and survive the ...    35 MB    Views 1478

Zombie Parachute

Related Apps zombie parachute zombies survive defend
+27    Halloween Week is the time to survive from the apocalypse You are alone and you idon'thave bullets for your gun, fortunately you have an haven But now the zombies are more smart....they are falling from the sky with a Parachute The last chance ...    23 MB    Views 7731


survive long field features asteroid
0    You are in control of brave little space ship rushing through the asteroid field at the outskirts of the galaxies. Your goal is to survive the trip through the asteroid field for as long as possible. Several bonuses are there to ...    13 MB    Views 6449

Endless Falling

survive falling endless
+12    Endless Falling is not a game like the others. Will you be brave enough to launch yourself off the cliff and be able to survive? Avoid all obstacles and beat the record of your friends. To survive is not enough just fall... collect ...    39 MB    Views 722

Bad Cupid

survive cupid bad
+12    Help Cupid to survive when Jupiter kicks him out of the heaven for being bad. Start dodging the dangerous electrified clouds and fireballs that will follow you. You cannot remain still Things get worse when the night falls. Then you will see ...    18 MB    Views 7656

Zombie Feast

Related Apps zombie survive
-1    So, we lost the Zombie war. In order to survive we found a different way to feed those horrible creatures. Mind you, if we get one wrong we are done for. Want to try to survive in our new world? This ...    19 MB    Views 4935


Related Apps zombie survive weapons wave
-5    Can you survive the zombie onslaught? Two fighters. One armory. Thousands of zombies coming to kill you. Turn your thumbs into lethal weapons and survive wave after wave of the walking dead Upload your score and top the Terminators' Leaderboard Improve your ...    46 MB    Views 42

Endless !

survive fall endless platforms run
+8    Endless Run as long as you can You must run and jump over the platforms in order to survive and to don't fall in the hexagone's hole Simply, you are like an hamster in his cage's wheel (Yes, someway...). However, ...    7 MB    Views 5864

Asteroid Void

Related Apps asteroids survive ship
+7    Abandoned by your crew and being pelted by asteroids, you must survive to continue the mission to explore the uncharted cosmos Dodge the oncoming asteroids to survive as long as possible whilst collecting the precious antimatter spheres. These can be ...    33 MB    Views 2164
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