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Press Pup

+3    Join Presston, the Press Pup, in his adventure to get back his camera which was unfairly snatched by one of his jealous coworkers and get the scoop Simply press down on the screen to run faster, swipe to jump to overcome ...    75 MB    Views 6973

ToggleCross Lite

block game press
+2    Awesome puzzle game This game make you smarter If you press a block, the pressed block and the surrounding 8 blocks will be turned upside down. You can press block only limited times. Make them same shape as block on the right ...    2 MB    Views 4669
+2    A highly addictive game of dodge ball with the annoying but cute little penguin with a twist. In the title screen, there is an info button with visual demo instructions. Ball controls are just press the ball, move to any area ...    36 MB    Views 7249

Cube Bridge

+1    Maneuver the six sided star of the game around environments composed of blocks and geometry designs. Stretch the platform for the cube to roll along and cover the unbridged distance. The platform thus acts as a bridge for the cube to ...    32 MB    Views 6290

Vampire- Blood Rush

-3    Vampire Blood Rush Survive as long as you can. Collect blood quench your thirst. Avoid garlics and crosses. Press left side for a single jump. Press right side for a triple jump.    2 MB    Views 7336

Drop the birds

0    The birds are flying around above you. Drop them down by pressing the rectangle in the bottom of the screen. Remember to press the rectangle with same colour of the lowest bird. You will have at most 3 bird colours and ...    8 MB    Views 8362


-5    Help Sybil to colonize other planets with all those insects. She is an undergraduate in exobiology and her goal is to fill many exoplanets with wonderful, creeping insects Move your iDevice to put the insects under the Hyper Breach and press the ...    40 MB    Views 3973

twO Oranges

-5    Your quest: to collect as many stars as you can and make it to the YOLO balls. Don't let the oranges (or other awesome falling objects) destroy you... what will you discover along the journey? It all begins with just ...    9 MB    Views 3750
game online release support press
+29    Thunder3 Online, the wonderful fighter game in iOS. You can play this game online with your friends by bluetooth. What are you waiting for? Game now Support iphone5 4inch retina. Support from iOS4.3 to the newest version. Double click the screen or press ...    17 MB    Views 2168
+2    [Game explanation] A free tap and play casual game. Cut up as much tofu as fast as you can The game's over if you cut up any of the animals Don't make a mistake [How to play] ・Tap the Cut button to cut up the tofu ...    18 MB    Views 6235

Press My Buttons!

+14    Introducing Press My Buttons Challenge, amuse, entertain (and possibly annoy) your friends and family with FREE multiplayer minigames. Connect to other players via local WiFi or practice against the computer in single player mode. Three minigames are included in the initial ...    12 MB    Views 975

Circle :)

circle press
+3    Endless game for testing your action speed Press the circle within time limit. You get higher score when you press fast.    9 MB    Views 5840

Jump Tim Jump!

jump press tim
+3    Press and help Timmy to land on ground Press and hold your finger in the screen, Tim will jump depend on how long you press Addictive gameplay Funny characters    12 MB    Views 3853

Code RUSH!

code press button enter http www color level
+4    Warning: Addictive (Fast game) For 1 second the code will appear, if you miss the code, press the FLASH button or if you enter the wrong code, press the C button. Make sure you enter the code before the time runs ...    8 MB    Views 6978
Related Apps basketball free net throw press ball
+27    free Basketball Fun hoops time waster. Very Addictive Simple play. Press the ball to throw it into the basket (press near the ball's edge for a stronger throw) Links to more free arcade games from The App is free Please rate to ...    339 kb    Views 4220

Radical !

Related Apps radical game walls modes play press
+13    Press Play. Dodge Walls. Get Radical. 3 Modes: Easy, Normal and Hard Game Features: 3 Game Modes suitable for everyone Clean graphics Cool game and sounds effect Online game Leaderboards How to play: Press and hold to move Radical left or right Avoid ...    6 MB    Views 5795

Meow Boy

Related Apps time shoot defense score bullet enemy button press meow boy
+15    Meow Boy is a timing game that you will defense yourself from enemy's bullet and shoot him back by your gun. + There are 2 main skill : defense and shoot. Defense yourself from the enemy's bullet and shoot him back ...    11 MB    Views 6146


bet increase press button maximum spin line
-6    Slot Machine Pull the lever down to spin Has a maximum of 5 lines Can level up by winning to increase the amount of bet per spin Press the line button to increase line Press the bet button to increase bet Press the max button to ...    11 MB    Views 9460

Who's foolish

0    Based on the well known "Stone , Scissors , Paper" game , if you lose then press "I'm foolish" , if you win press "you're foolish" , if tie press "he's foolish" . Test your reaction and have fun    5 MB    Views 1931
zombie jump shoot press game amazing
-5    It's amazing jumping and shoot the zombie game for kids and adults There are many levels amazing graphics. Just press tap to jump and press fire button for shoot the zombie and collect the coins. It's free game Play and Enjoy....    7 MB    Views 674

The Best Game

press button game points
+28    Think you have the guts to take the hot seat? Your mission is simple: press a button, score some points. Press again for a chance to add more points, or risk losing it all. Challenge your friends to see who has ...    11 MB    Views 5920


shapes numbers button speed press order game
+1    A simple game where numbers or shapes drop from the top of the screen and you must press the button in the order of the numbers or shapes you see. The shapes and numbers gradually increase speed the better you get. ...    4 MB    Views 9911

Glass Tiles

tiles press mode glass metal
+10    Don't press the glass tiles You have to follow metal tiles. There are 3 games modes: Classic Mode: You will get 50 tiles as soon as possible. Endless Mode: You will play until press a glass tile. Time Mode: You have 20 seconds and ...    6 MB    Views 8965
jump rainbows left side press tooth screen fairy chasing
+2    The Super Hero Tooth Fairy is on a hunting mission She is chasing Rainbows Grab as many rainbows as you can. Avoid getting crushed by the pipes, and be careful, the bad red dragon is always trying to catch you. [How to ...    8 MB    Views 3692

Zombie Road Mission

+5    The zombies are coming and there is no way out in this fully animated shooter... Zombie Zero You are the last member of your squad, code named Zombie Zero, and it is your duty to take out as many zombies as ...    46 MB    Views 9544

Simply Pop

challenge time tap number order seconds press wrong balloon
0    Challenge your friends who sit next to you during break time to see who got the fastest fingers and eyesight to tap on the most numbers in sequential order within 60 seconds. Be aware that, as your score gets higher, some ...    4 MB    Views 6201

Press it Lite !!

game button press
+10    This app is a very simple and a very easy to understanding, the game is very cool and very addictive, The game appropriate for all age… The game is developing for you: agility skill determination improves response time technique when you will change the button the sound will ...    7 MB    Views 9793

Colour Duel

+3    DuelColor is all about how eyes illusion and how fast your brain can operate. It's a useful and fun game, as it can make you smarter. How to play: If color does match the text, press green button, if it doesn't press ...    5 MB    Views 3284

Pressy Screen

press screen
0    Pressy Screen is the simplest game on the App Store. Don't press when white, press when black. Time resets every 10. Crafted by Fabled Astral Yak.    27 MB    Views 5057

Math Dipper

math press number points sign
-5    Planet Earth is attacked by "Math Monsters" from the constellation Big Dipper. Shoot them all down to save the mankind To get the points choose the correct sign. Pick, tilt or press "+" sign if the attacking Math Monster is ...    24 MB    Views 245

Press Start Pocket

fight press pocket start game
+2    Press Start Pocket is an all inclusive sound machine that allows you to incorporate the sounds of the characters, weapons and fight cards from the game. There is a jingle for each character as well as fight songs and extras. ...    56 MB    Views 3528


block game press
+4    Awesome puzzle game This game make you smarter If you press a block, the pressed block and the surrounding 8 blocks will be turned upside down. You can press block only limited times. Make them same shape as block on the right ...    2 MB    Views 9162

Press :)

press fingers
+12    We dont care how you press the button. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, etc.. Just press it as fast as possible to get the high score. Ask your friend play too, and see who is faster. Enjoy    9 MB    Views 85

Thumb vs thumb

thumb opponent button points press score game mode finger thumbs
-7    Have you ever seen a thumb fight in the Old West? Now yes The Saloon is invaded by many armed inches. You must act to resolve the conflict. You have to unsheathe the first in order to calm them down. ...    6 MB    Views 184

Giant Dump Truck

truck press giant key physics
-4    You can drive the Giant DumpTruck fast and safely to the Finish Line in each level of Giant DumpTruck racing game. without causing much damage to the truck. Press FORWARD key to Accelerate Press BACKWARD key to Reverse Press BALANCE keys to Rotate the truck. Features ...    8 MB    Views 9090

Press it !!

sale game buy button sound press product store score
0    The game is in sale for 0.99 This app is a very simple and a very easy to understanding, the game is very cool and very addictive, The game appropriate for all age… The game is developing for you: agility skill determination improves response time technique in the game ...    11 MB    Views 4697

Save The Puck

save puck press rotate pucks platforms
-9    Move platforms to bounce the Puck Try to save your puck as long as possible Get coins to unlock new Pucks What's your best score ? [HOW TO PLAY?] Press left arrow to rotate the platforms in one direction and press right to ...    35 MB    Views 6634


+2    You've tried the rest now try the best [HOW TO PLAY] • Tap to jump. • Land on the purple ledge to get points. • The longer you stay on the ledge the more points you get. • Avoid landing on the blue part of ...    1 MB    Views 2036


press random button timer times
-3    How many times can u press here? Try to hit the " press here" button as many times as u can in 10 seconds. If u press it, the timer will stop. At a random time the button well respawn, at a random ...    12 MB    Views 9723


game button choose press
+5    Launch Sales Completely Free Touch2Zero Universal App, Play on all your devices. ============================== The game is simple. Just press the button when to timer is exactly zero With Gamecenter Integration, Leaderboard and Achievement. Let's compare the speed with every players around the globe. Let's break the ...    840 kb    Views 7294


Related Apps game characters score questions find press button highest
-8    Why don’t you try this game with your dynamic vision acuity? Free of charge Supports iPhone5 Various “Kanji” characters move quickly. Can you find out which Kanji is there? (How to play) Press the button [AGAIN] if it is invisible. Your score will be decreased when ...    5 MB    Views 7229

Beat D Timer

Related Apps time button beat press timer test
+8    Beat D Timer test your timing skills. This is real test of your talent. Go out and prove it. Press the button for a certain amount of time. If button press time is in the range of 0.1 to +0.1 seconds then you will ...    719 kb    Views 7516

Press Me Up

time bird remove press rectangle birds seconds
-9    The birds are flying above your head. Press the rectangle with the same color of the nearest bird to remove them and fly up. If you misspress the rectangle up to 3 times, the game is over. You have 30 seconds to ...    5 MB    Views 9963


ball control left controls front border red press
+15    The most challenging game has comingIt's completely novelty and quite deferent.Left and controls a red balls.Right hand controls a blue ball,then between the little gap a whole world is under control. Come on,guysChallenge your companions Tips: 1. Press the left border to control ...    25 MB    Views 5569

Tap The Target

button tap seconds press close target
+8    The object is to tap the target as close to 5 seconds as possible, without letting the time since the last button press reach 10. Points are increased the close to five seconds you can press the button. Can you ...    3 MB    Views 8226

Warping War Pig

war pig finger play game press warp
-2    Warping War Pig is designed for and runs best on iPhone 5 BEST PLAYED WITH INDEX FINGER ONLY DIFFICULT TO PLAY WITH THUMB Blast your way through the galaxy with nothing but your highpowered rocket launcher and freedomdefining warp pack. How far can ...    11 MB    Views 9443

Quick Press

press quick
+2    Quick Press is the ultimate test of your concentration and reflex speed. Press the squares as they light up, but be warned, with each press the game speeds up    637 kb    Views 4619

Cow Race

race cow button press
+28    you have to press 'button' continuously. When you press a button, cow will be run. You can choose a race, (it is 100,200,400,500 meter race) Your best score is registered with the center. Let us challenge the world's fastest cow    6 MB    Views 3452

One Wheel - Endless

press patience hold wheel cycle button unicycle arrow
+27    Don't lose your nerve as you balance your way to victory One Wheel is the perfect unicycle game that will test your patience and skills HOW TO PLAY: Press and hold the right arrow button to cycle forward Press and hold the left arrow ...    51 MB    Views 4300
press game console die button
+6    QTE: Press X to Not Die is a mix of console style QTE’s and internet meme “Press X to Not Die” and aims to bring all the fun of QTE's to your iPhone. Put your reflexes to the test across 3 ...    9 MB    Views 4087
dot button press hero
+1    Like guitar hero.. in space Select your level of difficulty, then press a button on the bottom of the screen that matches the corresponding color approaching it. Time your taps so that the dot lay on the button when you press ...    24 MB    Views 5413

Tunnel Panic!

tunnel move finger press ship panic
-4    Tunnel Panic is very simple game. As your ship flies through the retro, 8bit tunnel, simply press your finger to move it up. Dodge everything and stay alive for as long as you can. You get more points the longer ...    10 MB    Views 138

Keep it Stable!

square ball press stable side game simple big
+12    Keep it Stable is a very simple game. You just have a ball and a big square. But this game proves that very often simple games are the best. Every second the big red square rotates. You have to make sure ...    15 MB    Views 5889
panel red press button move left game black
+5    Avoid hitting the black panels in your way. How to Play Don’t press the button to keep the red panel moving straight. Press the left button to move the red panel left Press the right button to move the red panel right. Rules The game is ...    8 MB    Views 8589

Be Precise

time precise press game
-9    Be precise is a game that will test your sense of time. The goal is to get as many rounds as possible. Every round, you'll have to press the "Press"button after a given time, if your time is at least ...    4 MB    Views 3180

Penguin Swarm

Related Apps jump penguin ball press
0    A highly addictive game of dodge ball with the annoying but cute little penguin with a twist. In the title screen, there is an info button with visual demo instructions. Ball controls are just press the ball, move to any area ...    35 MB    Views 5708


Related Apps zombie press button
+11    New work following "ShotZombie" which gained the 1st place of comprehensive ranking in the Apple Store in Taiwan appears at last Press Zombie Press such ... pleasant ■ How to Play ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ a finger is swaip downward and I will crush a zombie zombie ...    13 MB    Views 9306

Cavern Dweller

jump cavern press screen side
+14    You are the Cavern Dweller. Jump over and under rocks to survive. Press right side of screen to jump Press left side of screen to slide    6 MB    Views 162
Related Apps adventure jump numbers collect press balloons run learn
+3    Best Educational Games For All Ages HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER TEACH THE NUMBERS ALL APPLICATION COMPLETELY FOR FREE Learn the numbers in a great way through adventure in the playground Numbers Run & Jump Fun ...    19 MB    Views 9692
game online press release
+23    Thunder3 Online, the wonderful fighter game in iOS. You can play this game online with your friends by bluetooth between iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. What are you waiting for? Game now Double click the screen or press 'B' to release ...    22 MB    Views 4118
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