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+2    “KOFi 2012” is currently available at a reduced price Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity "NESTSStyle KYO" and "IORI with the Power of Flames" extra characters are available at the small price of 0.99 each Don't miss out on this ...    717 MB    Views 7883
+10    Your country has been invaded by alien monsters from the Andromeda Galaxy. The President has been cornered and is hiding in a secret military research lab building in the edge of the city. Your SEAL Team Omega which was set ...    42 MB    Views 1806
tennis virtual game fun
+6    100% FREE ALL GAMES UNLOCKED SUPER FUN VIRTUAL TENNIS GAME Get ready for a fun, challenging, addictive tennis game You are up against the champion league in this virtual "flick" tennis game. How far will you go? TENNIS GAME ...    29 MB    Views 5249
+12    If you're tired of taking care of virtual pets dogs, cats or poop with eyes, now as a world first in this store, you'll have your own pet zombie. It is the ideal virtual pet as it never dies. You can feed, ...    40 MB    Views 9207

Oranges Challenge

-1    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY How many oranges can you eat? Challenge your friends in an all out oranges eating battle with virtual oranges In 10 seconds, can you eat 10, 15, how about 20 oranges??? Who do you think ...    16 MB    Views 3203
+26    Roller Coaster Simulator is a simulation app that lets you build and ride roller coasters in virtual reality. There are currently two roller coasters to ride and you can build roller coasters with your gyroscope. The Roller Coaster Simulator provides ...    100 MB    Views 5046
2012 virtual cards time challenge mode commands characters moves game players simple hours
+2    Famous paid app "THE KING OF FIGHTERSi 2012" returns as a free app in order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Series 32 playable characters Fight against the strongest players from all over via WiFi Network 6 different game modes ...    727 MB    Views 620

Bubble Bath Typing

keyboard virtual bath game bubble category type devices letters
+1    Welcome to the Bubble Bath Of Knowledge. People from all over the world come to the Bubble Bath of Knowledge to learn new skills. You have come here to become a faster typist, yes? Fear not, the Bath can help you. To ...    6 MB    Views 1351
easter virtual egg eggs paint kitchen
0    EASTER IS COMING Prepare for the holiday and create an Easter atmosphere Make An Easter Egg 3D is a great opportunity for all fans of makingeggs virtual simulators Forget about need staying near stove for hours waiting for eggs to boil ...    69 MB    Views 9484
+5    HotField is currently On Sale Yep, HotField is cheaper than a cup of coffee And more fun too. Download now and you will get 6 totally different stages with mega bosses and upcoming updates at the low price. HotField is a 2D/3D vertical ...    9 MB    Views 3446
virtual iphone rifle pig hunt pull modified trigger game
+22    Gesture Control Game Turns iPhone into Virtual Rifle Pig Hunt updates a classic '80s game by using your iPhone to make a virtual rifle. There's none of this tapping the screen nonsense. Hold your phone out as the scope, move your ...    37 MB    Views 8716

Flight Simulator

flight time virtual video challenge real simulator control pilot missions enjoy flying
-9    One of the most breathtaking virtual flight simulators is available now on your device. Choose the aircraft of your dream, fly around the world and complete all the missions. Becoming a pilot is a great challenge in real life, here ...    95 MB    Views 3950
virtual universe dimension
-7    Avoid the dangerous rocks while traversing through the virtual dimension to get to the end of the universe and achieve your goal    12 MB    Views 5458
Related Apps ipad virtual solitaire world space level windows leaderboards graphics classic zen
-2    ✭✭ The world's first virtual reality Solitaire ✭✭ "Classic game, revolutionary execution. The genre's first leap since Windows Solitaire." ✭✭ Prepare yourself for the stunningly gorgeous, spectacularly immersive Solitaire Zen: Space. It's classic Klondike (Windows) Solitaire like you've never ...    22 MB    Views 5165

Smash Room 3D FREE

virtual smash room objects stress breaking glow
+4    Smash Room = THE BEST STRESS RELIEF APP (Relieve Stress By Breaking Things) WARNING: Do not try this at home (or in real life). If you have probably at some point been so frustrated, you felt the need to break something to relieve ...    2 MB    Views 4674

Y Fliker Mania

Related Apps virtual jump speed game avoid path fun mania
+23    Can't play on your scooter outside right now? Join the Mania on your virtual Y Fliker you'll have just as much fun You can swipe and slide and jump and glide to earn more points than your friends on this ...    94 MB    Views 5298

Pearl Harbor

time audio virtual real pearl experience fascinating unique graphics game
+5    “Pearl Harbor” is a highquality dynamic reality simulation of the most notable attack during the Second World War. You can hardly call this combination of unique technologies, fascinating graphics and audio effects a game, it just immerses you into halfreal ...    7 MB    Views 2926
virtual ipad movie battleship ships alien battle control steer
-9    Play the free BATTLESHIP zAPPed app together with your zAPP SHIPS to crush the alien enemy. Battle aliens on your iPad For the most exciting battle experience and ultimate control, steer the zAPP SHIPS on your iPad. Choose the Battleship, Destroyer or ...    34 MB    Views 5198

Le Puppy

-3    Le puppy... quite possibly the most "addicting" game in the world. (Seriously.. don't even bother downloading this game unless you are willing to spend hours trying to get further on the path than you did last round, and spend the ...    9 MB    Views 3622

Apples Battle Lite

Related Apps virtual eating apples eat seconds play friends fun battle free
-1    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY How many apples can you eat? Challenge your friends in an all out apples eating battle with virtual apples In 10 seconds, can you eat 10, 15, how about 20 apples??? Who do you think ...    15 MB    Views 5688


iphone virtual die score est und les jeu
-9    Die Welt hat sich seit den 30erJahren verändert. Geblieben ist die fruchtige, farbenfrohe und sympathische SUGUSWelt, die es nun mit diesem neuen iPhone App zu entdecken gilt. Ein lustiges, abwechslungsreiches Spiel lädt zu einer virtuellen Reise im SUGUSUniversum ein. Das SUGUS Spiel ...    24 MB    Views 9514
challenge virtual world support game competitors flame burning show
-1    2 Apps in one, the World Torch Challenge Game and Virtual World Torch The event the world has been waiting for has arrived again, the World games. And what better way to celebrate the event and support your countries competitors than ...    24 MB    Views 2898

Petto - pet game

virtual bike games pet game
+15    Petto is an exciting new game for people of all ages. Get lost in the amazing world of Petto where you raise your pet by feeding, training and entertaining it. Choose from between the Dog, Lion, Panda, Squirrel, Starfish, Dragon ...    67 MB    Views 9222

Greymail Inboxer

Related Apps email virtual game score falling sky
+2    The new augmented reality gaming experience from Hotmail. Virtual emails are falling from the sky in the physical space all around you. Catch and sort as many emails as you can to play this unique and immersive game.  To mark the ...    18 MB    Views 2136

Midway Arcade

games virtual arcade game includes classic gauntlet pack collection hits
-8    Get ready to mash some buttons INCLUDES 10 GAMES Spy Hunter, Rampage, Joust, RootBeer Tapper, Defender and Arch Rivals. Plus 4 Arcade favorites: Air Hockey, Arcade Basketball, Pool, and Roll Ball. Check out the latest and greatest arcade collection on iOS and ...    51 MB    Views 7441
Related Apps flight time directions games virtual navigation simulator plane flying game airplane fly pilot
+28    Get ready to start up the engines, strap yourself into the cockpit. Don’t forget to check the dials and artificial horizon. If you are a big fan of free flight simulator games. Wait for the directions of control, then it ...    34 MB    Views 1797
+2    Battle with ferocious dinosaurs in a prehistoric showdown that's over a million years in the making Use powerful jaws and razor sharp claws to fight your way to victory Pick your favorite dinosaur, step into the arena, and prove that ...    50 MB    Views 1772

Danger Around

virtual phone screen
0    The game allows you to feel within the virtual world using only your phone. Look around you, protect against the dangers, improve the reaction. It's not a virtual reality helmet, but not simple phone screen. The virtual space is not limited ...    16 MB    Views 6026
virtual sleep special pet device born game
+2    "Sfronzols" is a game but it's also a character and it interacts with you. They are born in a special way. No other Sfronzol will be like your own. It's a colourful little thing who is also needy, funny, witty ...    56 MB    Views 3007

Flappy Guns

multiplayer shooting virtual flap guns reality
-9    Lock, load, and flap Compete against players all over the world in this maniacal twist on the flapping genre. Take aim and fire with the virtual reality shooting engine made famous in Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown. Then flap for your life ...    25 MB    Views 2973
virtual facebook twitter time army rampage rex smash jurassic free unleash soldiers entire town
+3    Let loose a frenzy of prehistoric destruction and fight off an entire army with Jurassic Rampage Stomp, smash, and bite a fully destructible town to pieces Unleash a ferocious roar to send your enemies flying, use your powerful jaws to ...    33 MB    Views 2710

Catch'Em All Game

dance easter time virtual kids game catch catching falling play performance eggs
+11    What's new: ++New fantastic catching game with cool HD graphics for your best playing++ ++New cute and funny vharacters won't let you indifferent++ ++It's a great chance to improve reaction skills and become the best++ The best catching game for kids is available now ...    72 MB    Views 5691
virtual time facebook twitter dinosaur pet park raptor prehistoric graphics
-4    Meet one of the most dangerous hunters of all time and the newest addition to the Prehistoric Park, the Virtual Pet Velociraptor Hide in the grass, run around the park, and eat delicious meat to keep your Raptor happy and ...    41 MB    Views 333

VPET Slide

virtual slide test leaderboards sliding modes game
+21    Slide your way into the leaderboards with this fresh nostalgic hit from the developers of VPET Gen1 and VPET Gen2 VPET Slide offers you a chance to test your sliding ability in the form of an arcade offshoot from the everpopular ...    46 MB    Views 4689
Related Apps time iphone virtual shooting game fire gameplay laser touch
+15    FOR LIMITED TIME 66% OFF HotField is a 2D/3D vertical scroller shooter game, splendid graphics effect with amazing and addictive gameplay The game utilize multi touch feature, you can play the game use your fingers or virtual keypad. Double tap the screen(or ...    9 MB    Views 2133
traffic construction virtual job pre controller site
-3    Construction is underway and traffic continues to flowas traffic controller you have a job to do Battle the elements as you flag cars, emergency vehicles, and dump trucks past your construction site. Watch out for wildlife and try to keep ...    57 MB    Views 8499

Virtual Pet Turtle

+9    Meet your new best friend the Virtual Pet Turtle You'll have to feed, exercise, and even tickle your new turtle to keep him happy and healthy Download the Virtual Pet Turtle today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time Game ...    46 MB    Views 7999


virtual levels game screen 128 controls
+3    Jump, tap, move, remove objects, think, your way through over 128 levels With 64 levels completely free No ads in this game period Dexx tests the player’s dexterity by using virtual controls on the screen. The player will have to ...    9 MB    Views 6266


virtual card learn corgi training train
+13    Train your own virtual Royal Corgi Hold your iPhone or iPad over the Queen's side of a banknote or the Training Card that you can download form our website and wait for the surprise. The goal is to train your virtual ...    60 MB    Views 4614

Chuck Chuck!

virtual time chuck pieces corn download reviews
+3    DOWNLOAD TODAY HOW MANY PIECES OF CORN CAN YOU CHUCK? LET EVERYONE KNOW IN THE REVIEWS Do you think you can chuck 20 pieces of virtual corn in 10 seconds? How about at least 10? Race your friends and see who's ...    9 MB    Views 4921

Apples Battle

Related Apps virtual eating apples eat seconds fun friends battle
-7    How many apples can you eat? Challenge your friends in an all out apples eating battle with virtual apples In 10 seconds, can you eat 10, 15, how about 20 apples??? Who do you think will eat more apples, you ...    9 MB    Views 8172

Arena: Reloaded

virtual action reality online game intergalactic leagues controls play world
+2    ✭✭ Welcome to ARENA: the intergalactic combat league Customize your combatant and battle your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in blistering virtual reality combat ✭✭ ✭ BECOME AN INTERGALACTIC CELEBRITY ✭ Compete for world fame in 200player online leagues. ...    47 MB    Views 6247

Money Pop

money market virtual stock game increase swipe speed pop concentration
-1    Do you like playing with money? If you want to feel rich, just count the money So this is the time to play Make Me Money Swipe Money game Play this game with concentration and speed There is 6 game modes: Arcade, ...    17 MB    Views 1330

Sushi Nom Nom

eating virtual nom sushi game play contest today download
-7    TAKE THE CHALLENGE: DOWNLOAD TODAY Race your friends in eating sushi in Sushi Nom Nom funny game Do you think you can eat more in this virtual food eating contest that involves your iPhone or iPod? Test your virtual ...    9 MB    Views 4772


virtual toy accessories figure parts customize challenges unique scan
+13    DESCRIPTION: Enter the world of BDaman Crossfire, an all new way to battle with marble blasting mayhem Aided by your favorite BDaman figure, blast your way through various challenges and battles on your quest to become the BDaman Champion. Customize your ...    56 MB    Views 5283
Related Apps facebook twitter virtual age time dinosaurs weapons world arenas warfare
+10    A lost world of ferocious dinosaurs has been set loose upon the world and it's up to you and your arsenal of guns to blast them back into extinction Use powerful weapons like the shotgun, submachine gun, and rocket launchers ...    37 MB    Views 5229
virtual dive ride city
-2    Go on a 3D ride through dive city This innovative Virtual Roller Coaster ride puts you right into the experience. Get immersed and feel the speed. Dive is Virtual Reality for everyone Best used with Durovis Dive, the revolutionary Smartphone ...    41 MB    Views 3168
virtual base cannons enemy mars reality cardboard graphics
-7    As the main gunner your job is to defend the Mars base from hoards of incoming enemy. Your base is equipped with two support cannons that you must manage by repairing and upgrading with salvage collected from your foes. Send ...    61 MB    Views 4200
easter virtual ball wax 2015
+1    Looking for an app to keep you entertained on Easter? Whoa Do you remember the ball of foil to which you didst wax watching him walk ? Here's your virtual ball of wax A ball of wax in 3d and stunning ...    43 MB    Views 2383

VR Light Breaker

virtual reality light game breaker
+19    VR Light Breaker is a virtual reality indie game Prepare your reflexes and try to explode the lights as fast as you can... This virtual reality arcade game works with any VR headset compatible with your iphone, including the ARCHOS Virtual Reality ...    43 MB    Views 5709

Corn Eating Contest

virtual corn eat pieces reviews download post free
+8    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WHILE IT LASTS HOW MANY PIECES OF CORN CAN YOU EAT? (IF YOU CAN EAT MORE THAN 15, POST YOUR RESULTS IN THE REVIEWS) How big is your stomach? Do you think you can eat 20 pieces of virtual ...    14 MB    Views 5804
Related Apps ipad virtual solitaire world space level windows leaderboards graphics classic zen
-9    • The world's first virtual reality Solitaire • "Classic game, revolutionary execution. The genre's first leap since Windows Solitaire." • Prepare yourself for the stunningly gorgeous, spectacularly immersive Solitaire Zen: Space. It's classic Klondike (Windows) Solitaire like you've never ...    22 MB    Views 7066
racing virtual race unicycle win motor graphics download
+12    Unicycle Motor racing is a game where you bet on the outcome of a race. But not just any race. This one features competitors riding motorised Unicycles After selecting how much to wager, you select the rider you believe will win ...    7 MB    Views 7666

Flamethrower Gun

Related Apps virtual gun burn today download
+12    TAKE THE CHALLENGE: DOWNLOAD TODAY Perfect for pranks or jokes in which a virtual gun really just doesn't cut the intensity of the moment and a virtual flamethrower is more what you need to solve the problem at hand. Load ...    4 MB    Views 8333


Related Apps virtual burn free
+28    DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY BURN YOUR COMPETITION Load a heat flamethrower cartridge by tapping the screen and then pull back to fire and burn, burn, burn Enjoy the fun of your very own virtual fireball flamethrower. Perfect for pranks or jokes ...    8 MB    Views 8468
Related Apps time flight pinterest twitter facebook virtual zombie transylgamia game complete aircraft follow pilot plane experience
-5    Zombie Aircraft Virtual Pilot is an awesome 3D jet plane simulator and adventure game. Learn how to fly this infected fighter jet by yourself, following the missions assigned to you. Get now the game and prove that you can handle ...    90 MB    Views 4983

Parking Street

driving virtual car parking steering reality control street wheel
+14    In Parking Street, you have to quickly get your car to the parking spot without damaging it. ********* HOW TO PLAY? Players can virtual the reality to drive or control the bus. There are steering wheel and accelerator located on the screen Just as ...    15 MB    Views 8912

Virtual Farm

farm virtual games money market crops game turn products alawar set
+14    Turn a struggling ranch into a booming success in Virtual Farm Till your ground, plant your crops, water your fields, harvest your produce and take your goods to market in this fastpaced chartbuster. You'll have your hands full as you ...    18 MB    Views 9672


virtual kart weapons touch screen
+15    psi.kart is a futuristic kart racing game, with weapons. It contains three tracks, three weapons, and the ability to race against two other AI opponents. It features a unique touch based control scheme. There are NO virtual DPads or virtual steering ...    31 MB    Views 8487
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